Parasitism, domination and slavery – it´s time for changes

Long, long ago there were kings who ruled over countries and people and this was quite normal and okay. The kings proclaimed to descend from gods and because of this they had a kind of superior nature and also superior knowledge. In these former times the kings were rulers and at the same time high priests, initiates, magicians. So indeed they were the elite among the people. In these times a refined personality, responsibility, high values and ethics were natural for the rulers and their family, also the education was excellent.

So indeed, in these former days monarchy worked perfectly. Justice, wisdom, compassion – all good things were appreciated and realized. The kings have cared for their people, for prosperity and the people have cared for their kings. It worked.

Further on monarchy with its hierarchy on earth is a reflection of the cosmic hierarchy with God at the top. Due to this monarchy is indeed the natural-divine order (if everything works perfectly in human society without misuse).

In the golden age everything was fine but quite soon misuse and the perversion of the original positive and lawful order on earth to its opposite happened. Rulers and their hierarchy degenerated in many cases to simple tyrants, parasites and exploiters of their people and countries. This status has become common and people got used to it. It was normal to be governed and exploited by the upper class.

Then the Greek people invented democracy and proclaimed the governance by the people. This sounds good but wasn´t in any way. It was just the appearance, not reality as the old balance of power has kept the same. The rich people with good education and much influence kept their power and continued to rule more or less obviously. It is the old game of influence, puppets and manipulation to serve own interests. In contrary things became easier and better for the ruling upper class as they weren´t seen directly as the reason for problems and they were able to follow their interests in a more secret way and they could blame others for failures. Puppets are easy to blame and to sacrifice. So in fact if something has changed, then only to the negative for the majority of people. By the way, – the old Greek were already unsatisfied with democracy when it was in its growing phase. Today dissatisfaction hasn´t changed but is grown. Today politicians rule without responsibility over people and enslave them. Today every nation is in really deep debts. Debts mean slavery, – not liberty. And there is no single country which is able to pay its debts. Not a single!

All other inventions of governance like communism, oligarchies, dictatorships, etc. always served the same interests – control, power, domination and exploration of people. It is pure parasitism. People are sucked dry, have been sucked dry over centuries from those who rule.

So this is not a situation where everyone claps his hands with joy. And this is not a situation which has some kind of necessity.

Let´s have a short look how this problem is handled in nature, in creation. In a group of animals there is always one animal which is stronger, which is more experienced or has some other advantage which makes it to be the leader of the group. There is no communism, no dictatorship, no democracy but there is a natural leadership which fits best to the interests of all members – the best way to survive all challenges by experience which means wisdom and knowledge, by power and by real care and responsibility for all members. For example imagine an old elephant who knows exactly where food is, where sources of water can be found, how to defend against lions, etc. This wise old elephant is a great natural leader of his family, of his group and you can be sure that he will do a great job until he dies.

How is it in the higher realms of creation? Here it is the same, – the more refined, wise and powerful a being is, the higher is its position. And every being knows exactly about its duties, its responsibilities, etc. And every being is dedicated to the highest being, to God and it worships the divine nature in all degrees in all beings. The more you are of a divine nature, the more authority and respect you have. This is natural, lawful and it makes much sense.

Back to the human world. After centuries of refinement and personal growing from one incarnation to the next one people are today highly educated, aware of themselves and know that there exists responsibility for mankind and creation, that there are ethical values. People also know today that wars aren´t funny and that it is better to live in peace with everyone on earth. People have made great progress and they are ready to bear responsibility.

In fact we do not need any more someone who rules, who tells others what to think, what is right and what is wrong. In fact today we just need a lean management which organizes all duties of society. We need a management which is spiritual, which serves the real structure of creation. And we need a management which is value-based. This simplifies everything and it works perfectly. And as these values are the best values all people can easily accept them and prove if the management works well.

The values have to be defined by the divine virtues and by the human virtues. This is the right standard to measure everything, all processes and all results. It is the standard to improve oneself, behavior and work.

Last but not least, – as human beings are naturally not perfect, it is wise to create councils to find the right solutions for challenges. Wisdom can be bundled and solutions can be worked out to a brilliant quality.

As all problems of today are artificial, made by selfishness and ignorance, they can be solved quite easy and fast when people return to the natural-divine order, when people receive responsibility and the right orientation on real values.

Then all forms of parasitism, domination and slavery will vanish from the earth and a new golden age can rise.

Think about it! And if you agree then join me to work for a better future for all of us!