Traveling to astral places of healing

In the mental and astral realms everything is available. This means you can travel to certain places to fulfill your spiritual wishes. There are places of divine atmosphere, of enlightenment, places of healing, of clarity, love and forgiveness. It is just up to you where you want to go, where you need to go.

Traveling is a matter of trance where you shift your senses, your awareness from the material realms up to the mental and astral realms. This is already done by a meditative state or a state of autohypnosis. Just relax your material body and withdraw yourself from the material plane, from the outer world to the experience of the “inner” world, the mental and astral planes. As the higher planes are not ruled by time and space, you can travel the whole creation while you are at the same time in your meditation position. Later by progress you can certainly leave your body for more freedom during your travels.

Let´s imagine that your physical body takes a rest while you are now focused on the higher realms. Now it is enough when you think/imagine to “be now” in the place where you want to go. You can also walk or fly mentally to the place in zero time. When you are “there”, then it is useful to become completely aware of this new place and its special atmosphere. And then you can experience its special energies.

So indeed the whole process of traveling is very simple and just a matter of trance and intention.

Travel destinations:

If you need enlightenment and clarity then move to such a place.

If you need healing then move to such a place and stay there as long as you need.

If you lack of a power or quality then move to an atmosphere which provides it. Bath in it, inhale it and integrate it into your personality.

And so on…

Something interesting is to meet your spiritual guide and to get know how life is as a soul on the astral planes. Just imagine to be near to your spiritual guide then you will become aware of his presence and you can communicate with him like meeting a friend. Being a soul without a physical body is a very interesting experience. Imagine yourself being in the astral realms. You will feel probably directly a great ease, airiness, fulfillment and an expanded consciousness. This has very positive effects in general and especially when life is hard for you on earth. So you can recover your soul by a stay in the astral realms and you have more energy to master your challenges on the material plane.

Something very interesting as a destination is your place in the astral realms after “dying” on the material plane. Spiritual souls will experience great happiness. Good souls will experience something like holidays. Normal souls will experience that the burdens of the material world have lost their weight. They will enjoy the airiness, the ease of the astral realms. And dark souls? What kind of “pleasures” are waiting for them? The pleasure of an increased consciousness and understanding of the evil they have done and with this in best case the wish to balance the evil. They will experience their own darkness until a higher being will show mercy. In hard cases there is no insight and the evil will go on in the next incarnation until enlightenment happens. As history shows, the great sinners became the greatest saints. But certainly it is easier and better to go the spiritual path directly without the burden of having to balance a huge amount of evil.

If you like then find out how your place in the astral realms will look like after your death.

I know mine and I am happy with it.

In conclusion – use these possibilities to help yourself, to heal yourself and to make progress on your path.

Initiate yourself into the mysteries of the higher realms.