The quandary of spiritual development

With respect to the universal teachings people have to cope with the quandary of spiritual training. It is the polarity of magic and mysticism. Magic is the science which deals with powers, laws, etc. – with quantities and mysticism deals with refinement, human and divine virtues, – with the quality side. This itself is no problem. It is right and lawful.

The problem is that we have people longing for the quantity side and other people longing for the quality side. People who desire magical abilities and power are often not at all interested in the refinement of the soul towards divine degrees. Their egos are seduced by the prospect of becoming powerful, dominant, getting all wishes realized, etc. They want to blow up their egos to the max. They want mastership on the level of the unrefined ego. But the magical education is not meant to feed selfishness. So it becomes an ego trap for those people.

On the other side true spiritual souls are only longing for God and unity with God. They are often not interested in science, magic, metaphysics. They just want to experience divine love and divine wisdom. They are free of selfishness or selfish desires.

And this is the quandary – those who love magic have to accept mysticism and its training for real mastership and security. Selfishness leads here directly into the abyss and lots of people have been trapped throughout the centuries. And those who love mysticism have to accept that only magic is able to lead them to highest refinement and unity with God.

It is good to understand this if you are interested in magic or mysticism. Both are just the two sides of one coin.