About light and darkness in the human world

Light and darkness belong to the principle of duality and can be found everywhere in creation. Fascinating is that there are people and organizations which proclaim to be right, good and perfect. Indeed all organizations proclaim for themselves to be good. All religions proclaim this and nearly all people you ask proclaim to be good, to be a part of the light. So when all are good then why is so much darkness here on earth?

Good and light can be very relative terms which simply depend on your own perception.

It is quite strange when you ask people respectively religions, traditions about their self-conception and everyone says “Look, I am the only one who has found the truth, who has the right belief, the right laws for behavior, the right God, the right religious tradition AND all others are evil, unbelieving, doing wrong, trapped by Satan, Lucifer, etc. AND all others have to be missionized or they are lost in hell, are worthless, etc.” So who is right? Who is the owner of truth and who has the right to condemn all others?

It is somehow like in a big kindergarten where every child proclaims to be the best one and all others are simply stupid. In fact the world is a big kindergarten and so this behavior is quite normal and must be expected.

So on the one hand we have this never-ending discussion and on the other hand we have another interesting phenomenon. Completely independent from any form of organization, religion, secret society, spiritual tradition and so on, the principle of light and darkness shows up everywhere. This means everywhere we have representatives of good and evil. Most people are normal, some are good or bad and a very few are really good or evil. The extremely good or evil people are often in a leading position in any kinds of organizations.

What really matters is always the personality, the person which cloths itself in any kind of religion, belief, organization, etc. If the person is a good soul then it doesn´t matter if the religion, belief, etc. has mistakes or dark sides. The good soul ignores the evil and balances it by its positive attitude. On the other hand when a person is evil then a positive religion, belief or whatever cannot help. The evil will misuse the good cloths, the good structure. This has been happening throughout the centuries in all cultures, religions and traditions.

Unfortunately we obviously have more bad people and misuse together with bad organizations then any form of good and light. Selfishness, desire for power and domination are quite typical for human beings.

If we want to change anything for a better life on earth for all of us then we have to dissolve the evil everywhere, in all organizations, religions, traditions and beliefs. It is always the evil which causes problems, destruction, suffering and pain. The good is good everywhere and cares for positive circumstances of life.

So indeed the primary task is to cope with evil people and when this is done further steps of clearing, healing and refinement can be initiated. This is valid for all aspects of society, culture and religion.

Cloths are made and worn by humans, – not the other way around.

And there is only one thing which can be valid and good for everyone – the orientation on the absolute light, the divine and human values, – virtues. Then all relative differences in the diversity of mankind do not really matter anymore. In contrary they become positive and fascinating.