The liberation from liberty

Liberty is the highest value for all beings, especially for human beings. Liberty is also the highest aim in the spiritual development as it comes along with highest knowledge, self-realization, happiness, peace, balance and so on.

But liberty is also something which is not good, not useful, not necessary, somehow bothering and ugly, something which has to be deleted regarding the dark brethren. For the dark ones people are not more than cattle on a farm – with the only life purpose to be useful, to bring money or to be eaten. Cattle do not need liberty at all! It is not good if cattle are free.

The same thing is true for slaves. The purpose of life for a slave is to work hard and then to die. It is not good if a slave is free or enjoys too much freedom. It is not good for his work. A slave must stay occupied with work to keep a high degree of efficiency. A slave should also not think.

Cattle and slaves need indeed the same treatment. They just need as much food, water and care as it is necessary for a high performance to get the most of them.

So the dark ones were always busy with inventing nice ideas to keep people busy and “entertained” to prevent unhealthy thinking and tendencies for a self-responsible life in freedom. In the old Roman Empire they called this “Panem et circenses” which means to provide bread and deadly games at the circus/arena. So the people were happy and busy and did not thought about revolution or anything like this.

Today it is much easier. People have to work a lot as everything is super expensive. And the TV has been invented. So you can brainwash yourself 24 hours per day with watching TV. Additionally people can occupy themselves with countless “funny” things in the internet or with video games or whatever. So people have no real time to reflect on their life, on the sense of life, on dreams, on freedom, on important questions like where we come from and where we will go, etc. People have also no time to question the circumstances of life, of society, of the financial system, of the political system, etc. So this is good as the dark ones can follow their evil agenda. But it is not the end result.

The dark ones are so kind that they want to liberate us completely from the so-called “dictatorship” of personal liberty. They want to help us to stop thinking completely. This is the perfect state for cattle and slaves. No thinking, no bad emotions, being happy and satisfied all the time with the nice effect to work in an efficient way without causing any problems.

One strategy to realize this is to give smart devices to people which control everything, which have artificial intelligence, which care for them, so that all needs and wishes are satisfied before they come into the mind of the people. Check your latest smartphone! Check the intelligence devices of your house! And more will follow.

A second strategy will be to proclaim officially that it is good when people take a kind of psychotropic drugs to keep them always happy and calm and another type to increase the brain function for good work. We had so many wars so far, so it makes sense to take such drugs to keep peace, right?

So these are wonderful visions of the dark leaders. The happy slave!

It is time to wake up!