A second of awareness

In everyday life we are most of the time in the automatic mode. Thoughts, emotions, behavior, actions, – all this follows subconscious routines, impulses, stimulus and reaction. Think about what you are doing over the day and how these processes work.

Even in situations where you have to make a decision, where you have to think about something, everything is more or less routine as the process origins from already existing patterns of your personality.

From time to time it makes sense to stop for a moment, for a second and to become aware of what is actually happening. One second of being really awake, of questioning the routine, the patterns of behavior. One second which offers the chance to change something, to make a different decision, to do not simply react but to consciously act! This can make a great difference. To act consciously!

Try new ways in your life. Leave routine behind and try something new to expand your mind, to grow!

Routine can be like a prison while conscious action is a matter of awareness, of the moment, of real freedom!

And especially break free from unhealthy routines, from unhealthy, negative patterns of behavior, of thinking and feeling.

High awareness in one moment can change a lot!