The great pretenders

The stage play with its actors which we call “life” has many fascinating aspects. One fascinating pattern is the standard strategy of the dark side, the “great pretenders”. The brothers of darkness really enjoy to misuse all what is good and full of light for their own goals. So it is typical for them to infiltrate positive organizations and to pretend in public their positive aims and attitude. In this way they climb up the ladder to gain high positions of power in society, religion, in business and politics. Once they have entered their positions of power, they do good and secret networking to realize their hidden agendas.

The wonderful point is that these guys appear as smart, good-looking, charismatic and high intelligent people, certainly with good manners, always smiling, with the right answers to all questions, etc. This is typical for psychopaths respectively sociopaths. It is their deceptive outer appearance in public. In their real nature they are ruthless, evil, without ethics but absolutely self-centered and working like smart predators which are surrounded by prey.

Besides the sociopaths we have a second group who serve the dark side. These are people who are seriously damaged in mind and soul. This can be caused my brainwashing or evil rituals or by misuse of drugs, etc. Such guys can be found often in politics. They are normally the puppets of the real dark masters. They are fed with money and the satisfaction of lower passions/needs. And if conscience might awaken then they are blackmailed.

Such pretenders are certainly and maybe especially found in “spiritual” or magical circles where they can directly dominate and control weak souls.

While such people make career in the material world and normal people celebrate them as great ones, the real great ones, the servants of the light follow a different “standard strategy”. The brothers of Light focus in general completely on their missions which often take great personal sacrifices and come along with life conditions which are often not desirable. Further on, they have to hide themselves and if they are not hiding, they have to manage attacks from the dark side and also normal ignorant people. So the servants of the Light are like undercover agents while the dark brothers pretend to be shining lights in public.

Unfortunately it is always the same. Sometimes it changes corresponding with special situations or periods of time where representatives of the Light rule officially and darkness is punished.

For us it all means that we have to be very careful in following and believing the official “Shining Lights”. We always have to ask for the hidden intention, the secret aims and agendas. Talk is always cheap and you can understand people by their actions.

For us on the Light side it is important to understand that there is no need in sacrificing personal happiness and living a life in suffering by focusing totally on serving higher ideals. Indeed it is more about finding a useful balance in everything. It also means that it is good to make money as money is a power with which you can support positive projects for the benefit of mankind and creation. And at last it is good to be an inspiring example for other people by showing ethical behavior, by putting positive aims and by realizing positive projects for society. We just have to take care that we are not involved in stupid fights with ignorant people and dark ones as fights costs a lot of energy.

At last I must say that I am very sad how brainwashed even intelligent people became today, just following the propaganda of TV, of politicians, etc. without any insight to question things. People have lost their power and with this their responsibility, the need to think for themselves, the energy to fight for what is good and right, etc. It is the evil loss of power to the bigger organizations.

People need empowerment, otherwise they live like sheep although they could be gods in paradise.