The problem of the tripolarity in life

If the world and we just be made of one “dimension” or plane, then life would be quite simple. But we are composed of three different dimensions or planes of existence, – the mental nature, the astral nature and the material nature. We are spirit, soul and matter, material body. And every plane has its own laws, its own specific qualities and needs. While we are incarnated in the material world we experience the “fights” among these different natures. I want to give examples for a better understanding of the problem.

Imagine that you are a teenager and you like to play with your PlayStation. On the level of your mind, you could play permanently and forever independent from the outer world. Only your physical body sets limits here as you need to eat, drink, use the toilet, etc. Your soul is involved in playing games too as it is very busy with all kinds of emotions.

Or imagine a professor for mathematics whose mind is permanently occupied with calculating things and thinking about mathematical theories. He lives completely on the mental level and lacks of emotions as he has no real relationships with others. His physical body is only used as a carrier of his mind but has no further usage.

Or think about all these ideologies. Leaders produce ideas on the mental level without paying respect for the effects for the soul of the people and the consequences for the material life. So ideologies often lead to suffering as the mental ideas are not suitable for the needs of the soul.

A very useful and good example is architecture. On the physical level a house just needs to protect you from cold weather, from rain and “bad guys” while it offers you a space to maintain your life. On the level of your soul, your house must let you enjoy it. So it should be very nice, with nice colors, decoration, nice furniture, nice garden, etc. You must feel good with it. It must give your soul a home. Then we have the mental level which simply organizes your house with different functions, specific rooms, etc.

We can examine this also very well in the history of architecture. At first the house was simply made to satisfy the needs of incarnated people, in main for protection. So the materials were all natural and the house was integrated in nature. Then people made progress and started decorating their houses with paintings and artificial stuff so that the houses looked different from nature and natural materials. In our days, architects create houses which are pure mental constructs, pieces of art where human beings are disturbing elements, houses without soul. When you see such modern houses, then you see that these are only materialized abstract ideas without soul, without emotions, also without any connection to nature, to the material world.

The main point is simply to understand this problem of being a composition of three different planes of existence with three different natures, three different needs, etc. So it is useful to ask what does my spirit or mind want, what does my soul need, what does my material body needs and how can I accomplish the best for all three aspects of my nature.

The conscious differentiation is also very important to apply when “leaders”, “teachers”, people in position of power want you to do something or want you to believe in their ideologies. Quite often something is wrong. It is the difference or fight between heart and head as we call it in normal life or between mind and physical body. Fights are not good as they show that something must be wrong. In best case there is a deeper understanding and an integration of all aspects, of all your different natures.

On the spiritual path we are enthroning the king of your small world, the spirit, your original nature, so that love and wisdom are ruling and integrating all your different needs.

When you face a problem, then ask yourself where it is rooted. Is it your head which wants to move without taking care of your soul and body? Is it your soul which doesn´t care about your head? Is it your physical body which is in urgent needs and your head does not listen?

Does a certain religious, spiritual, philosophical, social, economic teaching fit mind, soul and physical body / life in the material world or not? And if not, what is it missing or disregarding?

Always have in mind that 99,99% of people lack massively from wisdom and real understanding. So even if they proclaim to be great and important in society, this does not mean anything and you should question everything.