Heal yourself with Akasha plus Energy

Health issues or imbalances of the soul are a big problem for the spiritual training as here the natural-healthy energy flow is blocked in specific centers, nadis, areas, etc. and with you have problems in mastering corresponding exercises and making real progress.  Healing is a real challenge for everyone. It takes a lot of research, much knowledge, fortune and the right measures for real results. Quite often you rely completely on yourself as most “healing offers” are not sufficient at all.

When you walk the path of Bardon, then you will do a lot for dissolving blockades, healing and refinement but even this is not enough, especially regarding the factor time.

A superior technique for healing yourself is to work with Akasha and a type of fitting energy. Energy itself is often not enough. Applying different healing energies is also often not enough. The use of Akasha is the key to access the core of problems, of imbalances while the combination with a fitting energy causes a super powerful healing, balancing of your energy system.

The problem for the beginner is that he is not able to use Akasha and that the training with Akasha is a matter of a very late step. The next problem is that the beginner is even not able to use the basic energy, the vital energy.

Independent from Bardon´s well designed system, I highly recommend to those students who suffer from bad imbalances or health problems to make exercises directly with Akasha and vital energy to become able to heal themselves.

Besides the work with these energies, you certainly have to regard all other important aspects of healing which I have described comprehensively in my books. At least you should know that forgiveness is a super big topic.

So the basic technique is to charge yourself with Akasha and then to accumulate vital energy. This causes a massive healing reaction. Further on you can also additionally meditate about that now all your blockades are dissolved and that a deep healing realizes for your mind, soul and body. Certainly you can repeat this as often as needed. It also works for your physical body. Please check what Bardon writes about Akasha, vital energy, accumulation, breathing energy, etc.

On an advanced level you can use Akasha plus one or more of the four elements or the fluids or light. Be aware that the fire element/ electric fluid will activate all healing processes, that the air element is good for balancing in general, especially good for healing the lungs, depressions, etc. that the water element is good for your belly and digestion, that the earth element will strengthen you in general. So use the active forces for activation, the passive forces for nourishing, recovery and use the electromagnetic forces to vitalize, strengthen yourself. You can use also the combination of Akasha and the elements in the corresponding body regions for healing, vitalizing, strengthening, etc.

Then there is the highest, the quabbalistic level which is really amazing. Here formulas can be applied where Akasha letters are combined with letters of the fire, air, water or earth or also in more than one combination. For example L-U and B-U are very powerful. But also formulas with E and Y for Akasha and letters like A, D, M, I, O, T, W, etc. are very good to use for healing.

The L-U formula means vital air element in combination with Akasha. And B-U means the electromagnetic fluid with Akasha. You can even combine both to L-U-B-U or L-U-B-E.

Such formulas are so powerful that they can clear energetic problems which are for example older than 25 years and results of nearly deadly diseases which have caused great damage.

In conclusion, if you suffer from any serious trouble regarding your physical health or your wellbeing of soul and mind, then you should work asap on your healing and in best case by the use of Akasha and a fitting power. If you are advanced, you certainly have more possibilities. In all cases restoring your health is most important.