Blessing Meditation for Karma Yoga

For Angela Marie. Every true spiritual being is naturally a user of Karma Yoga. This means that once you have awakened to the spiritual truth that we are all parts of one greater unity working for the benefit of all, you simply serve God, mankind and creation by your conscious actions in everyday life. Karma Yoga is selfless service on the basis of understanding who you are, – self-realization. There is no higher sense in life than serving all living beings for the benefit and happiness of all.

All masters do nothing else than this.

So Karma Yoga is a matter of enlightenment, of understanding, of love and of wisdom.

When you do self-less service in the name of love, light and compassion, then you are a blessing for all beings and creation will perceive you as a blessing, as a representative of the Divine Spirit. The love you give is the love you will receive. When you share love, you double it, you triple it, you are a light in this world.

Let´s imagine that you sit every Sunday in a meditation where you just work on sending out love, healing, blessings, best wishes to all living beings, to all who suffer, to all who need salvation.

Such a meditation let creation understand who you really are, a child of God, a representative of the Divine. And so you will be recognized and treated by creation.

Sending out all the good means also to nourish yourself, to heal yourself, to forgive yourself, to dissolve bad karma, to create good karma, to open yourself for progress and spiritual development, to open yourself for all the good in life. And last but not least, this attitude opens the doors to the mysteries of God and creation. You show that you are mature enough to walk the path of initiation.

So in conclusion, Karma Yoga is of highest value and should be practiced consciously and regularly for the benefit of all.

PS: When you work in the name of the Divine, you will receive step by step all kinds of higher abilities and powers to become a perfect representative of the Divine. These are the divine gifts and blessings for those who serve consciously the greater Unity of creation.