Conditioning of light and darkness

Once question we probably all have asked ourselves already is how good and bad attitudes and behaviors appear in life and how are they maintained. Why are there bad people or evil people and why are the good ones? Why are not all people good? These are basic questions and I want to put some light on this topic.

Certainly there are many aspects but I want to focus only on one main mechanism which is valid for the development of good and bad. It is the process of conditioning which includes role modeling or simply put “copy and paste”.

Let´s examine a happy family where all members have a good attitude. Important is always the attitude of the parents as they function as role models for their children. So here in this case we have good parents who are well-balanced in mind, soul and body with a positive, loving and wise attitude. The children naturally “copy and paste” the behavior of their parents. This conditioning process is a natural program on a subconscious level which follows the simple idea “If an adult (human or animal) is able to reproduce then it must be successful in life, in surviving. So the young one learns to survive in a successful way by copying attitude and behavior of the adult (parents).” And this is what happens especially in the younger childhood. When children become teenagers they start to develop individual characteristics to differentiate themselves from their parents. So in our positive example the young children learn the positive attitude and behavior from their parents. When they reach the age of teenagers, they are able to reflect on their learned behavior and probably they perceive it as good and right as they appreciate their experiences. When they become adults, they probably will raise their own children in the same positive way. So the good will be maintained over generations. This is quite clear and good to comprehend.

Let´s take now a bad example where the parents suffer from imbalances of mind and soul and probably also physical health issues. As both, man and woman, suffer from similar problems, they got together due to the resonance phenomenon. Let´s imagine that the husband is violent and angry and beats his wife and his children and the dog. The wife is used to be beaten. The dog is used to be beaten. And the children get used to be beaten too. It is normal. It is also normal to accept the violence and the anger of the father. It is normal to suffer. It is the standard. Again, the children “copy and paste” attitude and behavior as it is the natural program of “success education” on the subconscious level. Then a second important factor joins. It is the problem that in most cases “weak/labile” respectively immature souls incarnate as children in such families due to the resonance principle. When these children grow up to teenagers they have two choices – they can say “I am too weak for positive changes so I will continue like my father did” or “I am powerful, I will stop this suffering and will turn to the light side, to positive behavior of peace and love!”.  In most cases it is unfortunately the first choice. So the bad, violent behavior will be continued and passed on from one generation to the next one until someone stops it.

In conclusion, the imbalance, the damage, the pain, the evil are perceived as the “normal” standard, as the way to behave, to manage problems independent how much suffering is caused. At last the factor “weakness” is crucial. Normally people from good families are powerful souls while people from “bad” families are weak souls. This is as it is due to the law of analogy. In the best case, bad conditions of life can make a soul strong to turn to the light side and to fight for healing and higher values. But these are rare cases.

When you examine these processes of conditioning over many generations then you can see that all kinds of problems are passed on without any “mercy”. These are mental attitudes, patters of the soul, emotional behavior and all kinds of mental disorders and even physical diseases. I know cases where child abuse was passed on over several generations, things which one normally cannot imagine. I know even a whole area where child abuse has established as a kind of “tradition”.

In conclusion we see how easily people get conditioned by patterns of mind, soul and behavior independent if these are good patterns or evil ones. This includes also all evil religious traditions. It is a dull passing on of traditional behavior patterns. “My grandfather did it, my father did it, so do I and so will do my son and his son.”

The main problem is that all these processes of conditioning are subconscious which means that no one questions them as they are the “normal and accepted standard”. And when they are accepted, then they are a part of people´s identity and you cannot simply change a human being.

So unfortunately it is a very hard challenge to stop an evil pattern and to replace it by a positive one, especially regarding religious traditions but also personal transformation.

There are so many evil religious practices which cause a lot of suffering where probably no one really knows why in the remote history someone has started it and which “good” sense could be connected and if there is still a “sense”. But people are so dull that they simply continue even if it hurts. It is a sad and amazing phenomenon.

The only thing what we can do is to make people aware of such patterns and to make them questioning these patterns. Then it is time for healing and for replacing the evil by positive patterns.

Indeed we have to plant consciously positive patterns of behavior and attitude, especially for children.