God, Human, Animal, Angel and Demon

The human being appears in one personality but indeed it is a composition which can be “reduced” or “simplified” to a few main components.

Let´s imagine that we see the human being in a fourfold polarity. In the vertical polarity there is the pole of god nature above and the pole of animal nature below. In the horizontal polarity we can say that on the right there is the pole of the angel nature while on the left there is the pole of the demon nature. In the center, there is the human nature which expresses itself in all four poles.

(We can add here even a further polarity of a pole of passive nature at the back and a pole of active nature on the front, so that we have in total six poles. Six poles plus the center point can be understood as the perfect description of polarity of the human nature.)

Let´s have a closer look at the different poles which form in the end the human being.

The God pole draws the human being towards divine perfection, refinement and eternity. It is the impersonal spirit, the cosmic consciousness, our highest and original nature. The opposite pole is the animal nature with all its limitations, its focus on being an incarnated individual in the material world. The animal follows its needs and instincts. It is the lower nature with the focus on basic needs like food, reproduction and survival.

The human being takes part in both of these poles more or less, depending on the maturity of its soul. The human´s main feature is the intellect. The question is if the human is using his intellectual faculties to satisfy his lower nature, eventually to exaggerate its natural desires or if the human uses them to work on personal development, on refining itself to higher, divine degrees. Unfortunately most people are busier on lower levels.

Then we have the polarity which I have called angelic and demonic. These are simplifying terms but most people understand them. Angelic means in main a lawful, wise and compassionate behavior for the greater good, positive attitude, positive behavior. Demonic means in main to try your best to go against higher laws, to be selfish, to focus on lower passions and desires with their enslaving quality. Demonic is destructive and self-destructive behavior, a negative, unhealthy attitude.

Many people feel torn between these poles which are often symbolized by an angel sitting on the right shoulder and a little devil on the left shoulder both whispering in the ears to influence you.

We can say that the demonic nature belongs to the animal pole but includes the human intellect to realize selfish desires while the angel belongs to the god pole where everything is perceived from a higher, lawful point of view to serve the principles of unity, love and wisdom.

All poles can show up in a passive or active behavior and certainly also in the four elements, etc.

On the spiritual path we overcome the domination of the lower nature to enthrone the Spirit, our divine nature and to integrate and refine all other parts. Divine love and wisdom fulfill all lower aspects of the human nature so that their limitations are not ruling any more. So we can live in the higher state of unity, higher consciousness, true love and compassion and we are empowered to follow wisdom in all we do. It is the divine abundance on all planes which we have developed.

Further on, we can and should consciously use all of our refined and natural powers. This means that we can all call on the powers of the spirit, the Divine Father above and the powers of the earth below, of the Divine Mother, which appear in form of the animal nature. When you think about shamans and martial artists and others who consciously call on these powers then you can perceive beauty in them but also the raw, enormous power of nature. Think about the power of a tiger, a wild bear, a lion, etc. Become this tiger and use its vital, raw power. Find the powers of the Divine Mother of Nature in yourself and combine them with the higher powers of the Father.

It is the nourishing of yourself from the pole above and the pole below, from sky and earth, from spirit and matter.

And at last understand what it means to be a human. Use your intellect wisely. Find the balance in everything.