Akasha Seeding

Akasha is the sphere of causes and the world of ideas. It is the basis of creation and of all what is happening. On the lowest level we use our intention as a cause for further thoughts, feelings, behavior, actions and situations. The conscious setting of your intention is very powerful and still totally underestimated today because people do not understand its meaning and nature. Your intention sets causes but your intention has also the power to connect you to specific realms, energies, beings, etc. beyond the limitations of time and space. So in conclusion it makes a lot of sense to use conscious intentions in your life and practical spiritual training.

Intention works like this: Imagine you are a King or Queen and when you communicate your intention then your words have power and something corresponding will happen. Or imagine that you are a commander and you give a command. Guess what is happening!?!

Another step is to set consciously seeds for progress in the Akasha. There are a few techniques possible. The choice depends on your abilities and on your personal preferences.

First technique: Remember that you are a microcosm which is a sphere including your aura and in the center your human shape. Just focus on the idea of being a sphere with “content”. Now imagine that this microcosm grows beyond your imagination to a state where it seems to be as big as the universe. It is like when you watch the night sky and you see the borders of your microcosm. So now you are in the center of your super-size microcosm. This change of measures and relations puts you on the level of Akasha. Now you can spread your wish/idea from the center of your microcosm towards the borders of your sphere. You plant indeed a new idea, a new quality, power, skill, change, whatever you need or want to achieve. For example: “My clairvoyance is activated now and it is unfolding in quality and power towards total mastery. Day by day I use my clairvoyance consciously better and better.” This seed which you have set now in Akasha will grow and unfold and you can strengthen it by repeating this exercise and by further meditations and certainly practical training of your clairvoyance. The more energy you are able to give to this seed, the better and faster it will unfold. After the exercise you have to get back, reducing your microcosm to normal size, etc.

Second technique: It is similar to the first one. But here you set your mind into the Akasha point of your microcosm, your body as small as an atom in the center on the level of the Solar Plexus.

Third technique: You charge your microcosm with Akasha (black or dark violet) and then you plant the seed.

Fourth technique: You charge yourself with power (vital energy, light, fire element, electromagnetic fluid, etc.) and in a second step you charge yourself with Akasha. This means you set a power into Akasha which nourishes your wish. This can be done in a similar way also with elementals made of light and set into a sphere of Akasha.

Fifth technique: You are a Quabbalist and then you can use for example the B-U formula to set powerful seeds in Akasha for your purposes.

In general I recommend already beginners who are serious spiritual students to work in this way on the simplest level to make progress.

Progress means also dissolving of blockades, healing, managing problems, refining character, etc. Secondary it means the growing of new qualities, powers, skills and refinement towards mastery.

Time is more than precious and your training should be efficient. Wasting time is pure luxury where you have to pay a high price. Be aware of this.