Water and Cups

In creation we have a polarity of form and content or structure and energy. This polarity can be found in its perfection in the idea to be a temple of God. The temple is the vessel, the structure which is so refined and perfect that it is able to host the Divine Spirit.

We see here already how important the analogy of content and structure is. The Divine Spirit cannot dwell and unfold itself in a raw, imbalanced person. The resonance is missing, so there is no connection.

This shows also the need for a spiritual development and training where the aspirant cleans, heals and refines himself to the highest levels to be able to unite with the Divine.

But I want to point on something else. Imagine there are many children sitting around a table and everyone has a cup placed in front of him. The children are all different in their personality. But for you it does not matter and you fill in water in every cup. Analogue to the personality of the child, the cup is clean, dirty, already filled, contains something else than water, etc. So even when you supply always the same fresh water each child will drink something else. Depending on the state of the cup, some children will enjoy the fresh water, some will have a strange tasting mixed liquid, others will get stomach pains and maybe single ones get poisoned and must go to the hospital. But again, it is always the same fresh and good water which you supply. The problem is the condition of the cup. It is a problem of structure.

The same thing happens with all living creatures. All beings are nourished by the same vital energy to sustain life but the condition of their energy system decides if they use this energy for positive purposes or for negative ones. The good guy gets energy, the evil guy gets energy and the insane, imbalanced guy gets energy. As it is said “The sun shines for good and bad.”

So when we change the structure, the condition of the vessel, then we change the world.

This is not only valid for creatures or human beings but also for bigger structures like those of society, religion and politics. These structures need cleaning, healing and refining processes to be able to offer a healthy condition for the souls who use them.

On the other hand if you are a pure soul then you stay untouched by negative structures as there is no resonance. And if a negative structure is not sustained by energy, it will break and dissolve naturally.

If your structure is in a bad condition, you poison yourself like the dirt in the cup is poisoning the clear water.

The water of life, the vital energy is feeding the whole creation like the sun shines for everyone. It is up to us how we use this precious energy.