What needs to be done

When someone tells that everything is fine then you can be sure that your situation cannot get worse. “Everything is fine!” are always the last words which a dying person hears in movies. So when persons in positions of power like politicians and religious leaders tell people that “everything is fine” then you should be in highest alert.

Like the person in the movie who is going to die soon answers this “everything is fine” with a smile trusting these words, people react in the same stupefied way when politicians, the speakers on TV and religious leaders say it. In fact this sentence works like a mantra, like a positive, calming autosuggestion in the face of a disaster.

An important part of our world is at the moment in this situation where the leaders proclaim that everything is fine and that we are all on the right way into a glorious and happy future. Unfortunately behind this happy façade things look quite different, so it makes sense to drop the rose-pink glasses and to become sober for an analysis of the situation.

As usual we have a few different parties or aspects with hidden agendas or aims. The most powerful group are the Asuras, the kings of the material world with their agenda to install their unchallenged kingdom on our planet corresponding to their philosophy. Then as the opposite pole we have the Sura who serve higher ideals and the spiritual evolution of mankind. Between these two main poles there is the mass of normal people. As normal people understand not much about what is going on behind the scenes they are more or less indifferent or attracted to one of the poles. And as the Asuras pretend to be the “good ones” a lot of people are blinded by their propaganda and ready to follow them, even to fight for them not knowing that they serve the doom of all.

For the Asuras the whole situation is like a nice game including entertainment, experiments with new techniques, psychological warfare, social experiments, medical experiments, propaganda techniques, new technologies, etc. Indeed it is like a playground and additionally it is also like a chess board where you enjoy making your moves to entrap your enemies, make them bleed and also making lots of money. In fact this game has to bring lots of fun for the Asuras.

This game is based on some points as it follows a master plan to achieve set aims. I don´t want to talk about all aspects as this is too much here. I just want to focus on something which is important for all of us.

To be able to push through their agenda the Asuras need the total destruction of all what is old and good and lawful. So they enforce chaos and the reversal of human values. In this process, they also manage the ignorant, bad aspects of religious beliefs, traditions, etc. It is like a big purge of everything, good and bad, to prepare the basis for a new start of their foreseen system.

Causing chaos and twisting values is one thing but the destruction of the old systems (social, religious, cultural) is another thing. Here you need an all-embracing war, a war of everyone against everyone. This is the war of all different groups of people, of different cultures, different religions, different social levels, different political parties, etc.

After this war when everything is destroyed the Asuras are free to install their religion, their philosophy, their social and political system, etc. And this all simply has worked out by the old strategy of “divide and conquer”. It is the destruction of the former, natural unity into separated parts which were forced to fight each other instead of uniting in love and understanding.

These things or plans are not nice at all and they mean an unimaginable degree of suffering for a lot of people.

The counterforce of the Suras is certainly working against these destructive plans. But in contrary to the Asuras the Suras cannot use the ignorant and blinded masses for causing necessary changes but they can work only with awakened people and they are quite rare although growing in numbers.

There are two main things which need to be done to rescue people from the planned destruction. One point is enlightenment so that people become aware what is happening and that they know how to help themselves and others. And the other point is that all the evil in especially religious teachings must be cleared out as this evil is used by the Asuras to cause the war.

This means that the world needs brave religious leaders with a great intelligence and charisma to clear all the holy books and traditions from the evil stuff to bring people back on the path of light for true human brotherhood, true love and understanding. Love is the principle of unity. Only love can heal.

If this is not as soon as possible achieved, then people will learn by pain.

I would be really more than grateful if representatives of the main religions could be found to work together on the clearing of their religious teachings to call on all their followers to leave the separating darkness behind and to unite to follow the path of Light.

It is highest time to do so. And it is highest time to separate the wheat from the chaff, light from darkness, truth from lies. We cannot continue like this.

And if we do not work on these things actively, we all will be forced to make a choice for the kingdom of the Asuras or the Light.

It is time to make a conscious choice.

The Judges of the Saturn Sphere show no mercy and the laws will be enforced.