Two main principles in the quabbalistic work

The practical quabbalistic work can be very complex. Each single cosmic letter is already complex as it contains sound, feeling, color and different quality content depending on the plane you work. A letter can be spoken on one of the four planes. It can be spoken mentally, with a low voice or with a loud voice. It can be used in the spoken way, in the accumulated way by breathing and in the Eucharist way. You can work with a letter in your body or in your whole microcosm or in a specific space (room). A letter can be connected to a specific intention or can be used in its pure natural influence.

A cosmic letter can be used as a single letter or as a multi-letter-formula. Common are one, two, three, four letters in one formula corresponding to the four planes of existence. One is the number of God and belongs to the plane of Akasha. Two is the number of the mental plane, three of the astral plane and four of the material plane.

There are formulas of pure quality while others are pure quantity, power. (It is the polarity of finest energy = quality versus raw power = quantity).

Besides all these things we can apply the cosmic letters as formulas in three main ways. One way can be called the “chemical way” and the other one the “composite way”. The third way is the well-known “physical way”. The cosmic letters can “react” in a chemical way where the result is something different than the single components. The best example are the names (formulas) of spirits of the spheres where the different letters realize in the typical energy of the specific sphere. Using the composite way, the letters are in a composition, normally in the body in specific regions to follow single consciously set purposes. For example the four element regions (fire-air-water-earth) are charged with Sch-A-M-Ä or T-A-W-R analogue to the elements to present yourself as a god-human in creation or towards certain beings. The physical way combines letters for specific purposes where for example certain powers are placed into Akasha or where they are simply empowered.

The special quality of these three ways is that the chemical way often needs initiation as the effects are hard to predict even with a good amount of experience. The physical way is quite easy to predict as it is logical. The composite way allows conscious combining of letters for specific needs without any problems. For every need a corresponding letter can be found and applied.

At a last point – the letters work not only in the microcosm itself but are certainly connected to the macrocosm. This means that a specific charge of letters in the microcosm can cause a corresponding answer or effect from the macrocosm.

And all true names of all beings in creation are made of the cosmic letters. So on the highest level we are all “living formulas” of cosmic letters, of the language of creation, the creator´s language.