The disaster of Atlantis

Bardon gave some hints about the disaster of Atlantis and what had happened. He said that due to scientific misuse of technology the terrestrial magnetic field shifted with very bad consequences for mankind, nature, etc.

Today I have received the information that geophysicists were able to proove that this shift of the magnetic field took place 41000 years ago. So we can say that the disaster of Atlantis took place this long time ago.

When we take a look at the ancient history of mankind then we can see that the oldest known cultures were completely developed already in the beginning of the described and known history. And when we regard the old lores of India for example, then we get to know that there existed higher and older cultures long before the oldest culture of India which were lost by natural disasters. So the old culture of India is a child, a successor, survivor of an much older civilization from a lost “continent”.

Very interesting is also that there are spiritual traditions which have a very long history. I know one in India which knows that it originally came from a lost continent, a lost culture and also the Bon religion which is now integrated in Buddhism, has a tradition of at least 16000 years.

These things are amazing and a lot of research is needed to unveil more mind blowing secrets.