Uniting with God

I guess that it is time to talk about what it means to meet God, to unite with God. It is the tenth step of Bardon´s “Initiation into Hermetics” and also the whole third book about “The key to the true Quabbalah” deals with the uniting process regarding all divine virtues, powers and states of mind. It is the most important and highest mystical training which provides the experience of God in all aspects.

When you start your spiritual journey as a seeker then you know the experience of spiritual feelings, of love, devotion. You long for God, for unity and enlightenment. You live for higher ideals. It is a strong desire which motivates you to study, to do spiritual exercises, to make progress on your path. Probably you make good and bad experiences, you learn to differentiate between light and darkness. In fact you have to cope with a lot of challenges, – the material world with its darkness, your secular duties, the differences between you and “normal” materialistic people, you old karma which can be quite bothering and then the challenge to find your individual path and to manage all the demanding exercises. So in conclusion the spiritual path appears often as the rocky single trail which is not easy to walk.

Then the question is what is waiting in the end for you? What are you going to experience? Will it be worth to undergo all this pain, this hard life full of sacrifices? Or would it have made more sense to do what everyone does, to follow the majority, to live a normal more or less materialistic life?

From step one to step ten it is a long journey full of hard work. So what is waiting for you in the end?

So far you have got some more or less cursory glances of the spiritual world, the spiritual beauty, love and happiness. You know that more must be waiting for you, much more and this is true. God provides a divine treasury for everyone who undergoes the effort of training.

But there is a general problem. Everyone has to undergo a process of transformation, of refinement to be able to understand and to receive the divine treasures. Indeed it is a process of flourishing, the flourishing of all your energetic centers, your chakras which represent aspects of your personality. For example only when your heart chakra is flourishing, you are able to feel all-embracing love and divine wisdom. Only when your Ajna chakra is flourishing, you know what mastery and power mean. Only when your crown chakra flourishes, you take part in the cosmic consciousness.

On the other hand when a center is not active, not flourishing, not refined then the person has absolutely no idea of the corresponding quality or power. The best comprehensible example here is “sexual desire”. Every adult knows sexual desire. Every adult has experienced sexual feelings. But a young child does not know what this should be. Why? Just because the sexual center is not developed, not flourishing so far. The same is true for spiritual feelings. Materialistic people cannot understand “spiritual desire” as the necessary centers are not developed, still sleeping. And when you are a spiritual person, then your centers for spiritual, divine energies are in a process of development, are not completely flourishing and so your understanding, your experiences of the divine nature are more or less limited. So this must be understood. In fact the spiritual seeker or student cannot really understand God, divine virtues and powers as long as he has not completely refined himself and experienced them on his own. Indeed you can read a lot of books but this is only intellectual knowledge, this is not replacement for own experience. Due to these general problems only hints can be given what it means to unite with God, to take part in the divine nature.

Regarding Bardon´s universal teachings, everything starts with the concept of a “personal god form”. Bardon asks his disciple Dr. M.K. “What is your personal god?” So what is your personal god, your god form? It is your concept, your idea of a personal, individual god with divine qualities and powers. This concept is absolutely individual, personal but always includes the four divine virtues according to the key of the four elements: Omnipotence (fire), Omniscience or wisdom (air), all-embracing love (water) and immortality (earth). Omnipresence belongs to the Akasha element and is connect to the state of mind.

Depending on your cultural background, your religious background or your original spiritual tradition, you choose a fitting personal god form. This can be the concept of a Buddha (you as a Buddha) or a deity like in Hinduism or some kind of Christian Saint or as a magician with the special outfit or as a kind of high priest, a king or queen, etc. It is very individual. When you have found the ideal, perfect fitting god form for yourself, then you start meditating to create the energetic image and to connect all divine virtues to it. After a good amount of meditations you can unite with this image, with this personal god form to take part in its divine virtues and powers and the very special state of mind. Then you are able to experience God in yourself, in your temple, your microcosm. Then you can act like God, as an authority in creation.

With the passing of time, you get more and more connected to your personal god, to the divine virtues and powers and the higher state of consciousness. This means that the higher divine nature integrates itself more and more in your refined human nature.

But what does it mean to unite with your personal god form, with divine qualities, powers and a special kind of consciousness? In main it means ecstasy, pure ecstasy. You are high, high from experiencing the divine nature. Divine nature is mind blowing. And although you unite with a personal god form, your human personality is expanded to a superhuman, super personal state where you are a divine being, unlimited and no longer a limited personal being. God or the divine spirit is not a person and not personal. It is impersonal, objective. And so your personal consciousness is replaced by this higher, divine consciousness for the time of your unity. On the energetic level it is comparable with filling a vessel with a new content. The divine spirit enters the temple, your microcosm, your personality. And the vessel must be ready to receive. The vessel must be refined, pure and open to receive the divine spirit with its powers. During your magical operation or your meditation, you are filled with the divine spirit, you are united with God and later you get back to your normal consciousness but you still feel the high energies in yourself. It can take a while until you are human again. The more you unite with divine nature the more you get used to these energies and the more you integrate them naturally in yourself until it takes only a very small shift to be completely in your god mode. And one day you are more in your god mode than in your human mode and it might feel difficult to return. But at last, – it is our natural development to unfold our divine nature completely. The more you take part in the divine nature, the more you think, feel and act as a servant of creation, in an altruistic way. You do not ask for yourself, you ask for mankind, for creation for God´s plans of evolution. You expand yourself to a superhuman being. You become a temple of God, an ambassador of God, a servant of the divine will and wisdom.

Bardon describes in step ten several methods to unite with God:

1. the mystical passive manner

2. the magic active manner

3. the concrete manner

4. the abstract manner

Certainly a master should be able to use all methods but in the end he will have a favorite way. The mystical way is most wonderful as it is the way of true and deepest love, devotion. It is the way where you unite with the divine spirit in love. You are the pure vessel, the perfect temple, waiting for the divine spirit to enter. Love is a great power and it unites what belongs together, what longs for each other. God´s love is unconditioned and eternal and so it is up to the seeker to show his love, to open, to desire, to call for unity. The unity in love brings a great ecstasy. You are overwhelmed from feelings of love, your whole nature becomes love. It is the way of the mystics.

The magical, active way is to use your great power to call on all divine virtues and to unite with them. It is an ecstasy of pure will power, of absolute power, of authority and mastery, of being a kind in creation. You express your will to unite and this is what happens. The ecstasy of power is great. It is the opposite of the unity in love. It is the way of the magician.

Then you can unite in a concrete manner or in an abstract manner. For the concrete way you take your personal god form. And later you are so experienced that you need no form, no image, that you unite with the divine spirit, the divine powers and qualities directly. Indeed it is the highest technique or way to unite. To explain it a little bit more, – concrete means that you put something abstract into a form. The divine nature can take a diversity of forms but originally it is abstract.

Then Bardon talks about meeting deities. Deities, gods, goddesses are “forms”, expressions of divine powers and qualities. And so you can unite with every deity, with every god form from every religion. For example you can unite with Shiva by taking his form and uniting with his virtues and powers. You can unite with one of the Buddhas of the Tibetan Buddhism. You can take part in the divine nature of every divine being. This can be useful or necessary for your missions.

When you are able to do all these things, then you have completed the first book, the aim of your human development.

In the second book you integrate all macrocosmic energies by visiting the spheres – as a side effect. This is also a way of refinement, of uniting with the higher mental, cosmic energies, powers and qualities. And additionally you get to know God in form of the one, all containing power, the power of the sun sphere. Its energy contains all powers and qualities of all spheres. It is the one power, the divine power, it is our original divine nature. When you experience this special energy, then you know what oneness means. It is the macrocosmic initiation, the macrocosmic experience of unity with God.

Then, in the third book, you learn everything about all facets of the divine nature, of divine virtues, powers, abilities, states of consciousness and all ways of ecstasy. You are initiated completely into the nature of God. And this is more than mind blowing. It goes beyond all human ideas of God, of creation and of the human being.

Here you use the original creative powers of God to integrate the whole divine nature in your microcosm. Then your microcosm is in perfect balance with the macrocosm like Trismegistos taught. Every single divine power is mind blowing, amazing, wonderful, very special, with many facets, with many ways of application and meaning. In fact you are in the divine treasury, enjoying the experience of all divine treasures. And as this is “not enough” you can combine single divine treasures, creative powers to receive more special virtues, powers, states of consciousness and ecstasies.

By this most comprehensive mystical refinement you develop your macrocosmic nature to the maximum. You transform yourself to a cosmic, divine spirit, a true son or daughter of God like Jesus said. Jesus was also a true Quabbalist, one of the highest initiates on earth. With this step you change your nature from five to six, from human to divine, from microcosmic to macrocosmic. Then you have reached your highest spiritual aim, the perfect unity of microcosm and macrocosm. On this basis you can create like God creates. You can recreate all divine beings, “angels” and you can take part in their nature, their powers, their virtues. This is truly absolute power. But this is not the end. By the use of a very special formula you can unite with the eternal light beyond creation, the highest sphere. This enlightenment is also for Quabbalists very hard to bear.

And when you have experienced all these wonders, this divine beauty and perfection, then you know that all your sacrifices, all your suffering, all your hard work, all the years of studies were worth it.

Unfortunately I can only give these few hints and not more. And I did not speak at all about the other side of the coin, the magical development with all its treasures. But I guess that these hints are a good prospect to follow your own individual path to the experience of unity.

The sun is shining permanently. In the same way God loves all his children. It is just up to us to comprehend and to open for the divine love, to make steps towards the divine spirit to embrace him.

May you experience the ecstasy of unity in this life!

In love, light and service,

Ray del Sole