The Divine Virtues

I think that it is useful to get some clarity about the nature of God, especially his virtues as we can see here, how important the idea is, to balance the microcosm with the macrocosm, to make the microcosm analogue to the macrocosm. All what we can find in God, we can integrate and experience in ourselves.

In his book “Initiation into Hermetics” Bardon focuses his description of God´s nature on the four main virtues omnipotence (fire), divine wisdom and omniscience (air) and all-embracing love (water), which are bound by the cosmic consciousness (earth). As this is the first book of initiation, this description is enough for the moment.

When you move on in your initiation process then you discover that there exists a whole science of the nature of God which is called Theurgy or cosmic language or Quabbalah, etc. Then you see that this topic is like a real science at a university which needs deep studies. Bardon has explained this highest and holiest science in his third book “The key to the true Quabbalah”. This book contains already a great amount of information but you can probably write much more about it.

I want to speak a little bit here about the divine virtues to give you an impression about what is waiting for you, for your studies and especially for your own, personal experience and work later.

It all starts with the keys of wisdom, the divine mathematics and in fact we deal in main with physics, – metaphysics. I don´t want to go into depth here and only want to start with number four – four like the four elements, the basis of creation. All divine virtues and powers are born from four mothers, four primary element powers. The first power which was created, was the fire element in its omnipotence, then the air element appeared as divine wisdom and knowledge, then the water element in its purest form, life itself and at last, the earth element as the origin of form and matter, of individuality. From these four primary powers all other powers emanated. So this is interesting as it follows the principle of mathematics and also physics.

I will list here “some” main virtues to give you an overview, an impression:

  • Divine wisdom and knowledge, highest enlightenment (air)
  • Pure power in form of the electro-magnetic fluid (earth)
  • The fire of integration (fire)
  • Wisdom and love (fire)
  • Cosmic consciousness, all-permeating (Akasha)
  • Total harmony (earth)
  • Happiness, fortune, wealth, abundance (water)
  • The creative power (fire)
  • Divine Providence, divine spirit (earth)
  • All-embracing love, ecstasy (water)
  • The power of belief, of manifestation (fire)
  • Divine majesty, divine beauty, divine harmony (air)
  • Perfect water element, primary life (water)
  • Ecstasy (water)
  • Divine justice, divine perfection (earth)
  • The perfect vessel, perfect devotion, mysticism, spirituality (earth)
  • Divine perfection, divine individuality, embodiment of all laws (earth)
  • Divine power (fire)
  • Omnipotence (fire)
  • Power and control over the elements (fire)
  • The primary being, the first self (Akasha)
  • Divine love (water)
  • Divine love, all-permeating (Akasha)
  • Joy (air)
  • matter (earth)
  • transformation (Akasha)

This is a very short list with only a few keywords. In fact the divine virtues are very complex, also regarding their energetic nature. As you have probably noticed, there are virtues which seem to appear more than once. This is true and this is a matter of the different energetic natures a virtue can have. For example we have several different forms of power with different forms of focus. There is the primary, omnipotent fire which is the father of the “core fire” and the fire of the manifesting belief. Then we have the integrating, stomaching fire of the mystery of Eucharist. We have pure electric power and electro-magnetic power in different forms and so on.

All single virtues have a lot of powers, qualities, special states of mind and are connected to special abilities and applications. There meaning differs from plane to plane and we regard here four planes (including Akasha).

And then all single virtues appear in uncountable combinations in creation, also for application purposes.

And then all spirits of the sphere are created with and from the divine virtues. Simplified said, when you combine ecstasy with wisdom/knowledge, with core fire and with divine spirit then you get a spirit which inhabits these virtues, their powers and abilities and who cares for abundance in life. This spirit is called NASI and consists of four creative powers or cosmic letters.

Due to this it is said that a Theurg is able to create like God does, – by the use of the divine creative powers, virtues, the cosmic language.

Regarding the refinement of the human microcosm, the student integrates all divine virtues, powers and abilities into his body, – his mind, soul and energetic system. So he integrates the macrocosm into his microcosm which means total balance, perfection between both. With this he becomes a true child of God, a true image of God, like Jesus pointed out.

When the student works with these energies then he can use them to activate and to develop the corresponding abilities. For example when you work with the golden energy of perfection then you will activate the genius inside of you, you become ingenious. Or when you work with the energy of the primary self, Akasha, then you can increase your intuition to the maximum. And this is true for all kinds of abilities as they are reflected by the variety of divine virtues.

At last, the divine spirit with all his virtues expresses himself in the spheres and especially in the spirits of the spheres. These spirits are all of a divine nature and they are something completely different to what we call “ghosts”. So indeed you will meet the divine in all its forms in the spheres. Here I must also say that the term “Angel” is not good or useful. “Gods and goddesses” fits better.

Interesting is also the differentiation between Akasha and creation (four elements). Students probably think that Akasha is Akasha and that there is no more but in fact also Akasha has some different aspects, different qualities. We differentiate among Akasha love, cosmic consciousness and the first, original being. And this is also simplified.

Important is that only training and with this direct personal experience lets you understand this complex science of the nature of God. The intellect itself cannot do this. After making experiences you are able to transfer your understanding into the intellectual language.

I hope I was able to give an overview, an introduction to this topic. This holy science is waiting for you. It is the end of the search. It is the highlight of the spiritual development. The divine treasury.