There are two forms of training:

1. The normal, regular training, for example every day half an hour

2. High-Intensity-Training, where you do nearly nothing else than working on one topic in theory and practice

The second type can be designed in form of workshops which take a few days. In this short time the topic, for example a special ability, is examined from all theoretical sides, is discussed deeply, is trained over and over again, is trained in different variants, is integrated several times by autohypnosis, by hypnotic simulation, by hypnotic target imagination, by hypnotic overload.

In fact it is a kind of positive brain washing to integrate a new topic, a new ability into your personality. It is quite hard but after the high-intensity-training and a few days to recover you will be happy about the great progress you have accomplished in shortest time.

The great advantage of this form of training is that you are completely focused on the topic without any disturbances, that you can focus your mind, soul, body, all your energies on one thing, on learning this new topic, this new ability. This is like working with a laser beam – concentrated power!

In the future we will be able to provide such workshops on SURA-ITF with an optimal mixture of techniques for maximum results.