Healing Waters – a guided meditation on youtube

I have published my first guided meditation in form of a video on youtube. It deals with a journey to a mysterious place in nature, where you can receive clearing and healing on all planes of your existence. Your whole energetic system with chakras and nadis will be cleaned, vitalized, healed and optimized in function. And besides this, it is a very pleasant and nice journey.

My intention is that this guided meditation serves all suffering souls to dissolve chains of karma and blockades to enable a happier life and better progress on the spiritual path. Indeed there is nearly no one who would not need clearing and healing. So I hope that this meditation will be spread worldwide to spend relief and healing. It is an expression of spiritual love and compassion. Our world needs healing to progress into a better future.

Please regard that this is a recorded meditation put into the video format of youtube – just for publishing reasons. So it is not meant to watch it like other videos but to use it like a CD, in best case with headphones, sitting in your armchair with a pillow and a blanket to experience a real and deep meditation. It is really important to follow the instructions, otherwise it won´t work as it is supposed to do.

I hope your enjoy it! Anf if you do then please share it!



Yours, Ray