Akasha meditation for various purposes

Akasha is something very special to say it in a simplified way. It is the origin of creation. It is our primary being. It is the sphere of causes. The spiritual development has the aim to connect consciously to this primal state of being and to take part in its nature. It is the divine sphere. It permeates the whole creation. It is time- and spaceless. It is the medium to connect everything with everything.

Bardon talks about Akasha explaining its qualities in the theory part and he speaks a little bit about the practical use of it. Akasha is the mystery which wants to be unveiled and experienced by the true spiritual seeker.

I want to focus on the practical use today where you work with the amazing qualities of Akasha. You can use it for all kinds of purposes, for healing, for the development and use of special abilities, for connecting you mind to other beings, for receiving information, etc.

Get into your asana. Forget about everything – really everything. Focus on the idea that you are “nothing in nothing”. This means you are Akasha, a point in Akasha without any form or substance. You are just original spirit in original spirit. Imagine that you are in the center of your own microcosm, of your own Akasha. In fact there is nothing but you without form in a vast space filled with Akasha. (Here you can differentiate if you are a point in your own microcosm on the Akasha plane for self-influence or if you are a point in the universal Akasha for different purposes. Just make some experiments for best use.) With these ideas you are indeed on the Akasha plane without time, space, form and substance. There is only primal spirit left. So probably you perceive only darkness or dark violet energy. Stabilize this state by concentrating on these ideas. It is quite strange or better said amazing to be nothing in nothing. And now you are ready for your operations.

For example you can focus now on the idea that you dissolve all your blockades or your old karma. All bad energies become loose and dissolve step by step. Just focus on this idea. Keep it. You are in the center of yourself, on the Akasha plane of your body, your microcosm. Probably you will feel immediately activities somewhere in your body – self-clearing processes have started. Your inner intelligence knows what has to be dissolved and healed. Keep your meditation and observe the work in your body.

Another example: Start to think about how easily you can work with vital force or the elements or the fluids. Meditate about the easy handling of these energies, how they follow your will directly, how you can increase and accumulate them easily and perfectly, how you can dissolve them back into the universe. Meditate about your perfect mastery of these energies. In this way you set causes which will realize throughout all planes.

Third example: Use this technique to become invisible to make research where it is useful to stay undetected. In fact it is quite often useful to be invisible.

Forth example: Use it as a medium for “small talk” with higher beings. It works like being in a room without any disturbances, with best quality perception and communication.

In general – make many experiments, follow your intuition, your divine guidance and discover step by step the diversity of applications of Akasha and being a part of it.

By the way – Bardon starts with connecting to Akasha already in the first step – the stillness of mind exercise – to increase the divine guidance for the student. So in fact you can and should start quite early to connect to the divine plane for all good purposes.

Enjoy Akasha and its mysteries!