The Diabolic Principle

The dark side always has had a fascinating effect on people. Things which are taboo, which are forbidden, which go against the official dogmas have always been attractive. Even such trivial things like the content of movies or TV series follow this principle. So what do you see on TV? Stupid Crime investigation stuff where someone is killed often in an ugly way and where the police officers look for the killer. How boring! This pattern is already the content of mass productions for TV and theatre. But you won´t find really positive content on TV. Maybe 98% is about the dark side and eventually 2% are somehow positive. Fascinating, right?

But let´s go back to the topic. The diabolic principle is very fascinating to examine in its processes in our world. The main characteristic of it is “separation”, the artificial destruction of the natural-lawful unity which causes suffering.

Today, we can see this principle everywhere at work. And we can see the effects, the suffering, the pain, the diremption.

The second main characteristic of the diabolic principle is the necessity to fight. And the third one is deficiency. This can be called the “unholy trinity” of the diabolic principle.

There are countless examples of the use of the diabolic principle in our world. Let´s have a look at a few:

Imagine that there is a country of one nation with one culture, one tradition, one history, one religion, etc. In their unity these people are strong and vital. Now an aggressor conquers this country. To make sure that this nation will never again become vital and strong, the aggressor divides the country in two parts. These two new countries have a deep natural longing to unite again but they are kept separated artificially and this causes suffering. Further on, the aggressor supports fights between the two countries which cost a lot of energy. And so the countries are kept in a state of deficiency and suffering (with expensive military for defense).

Or think about the diabolic principle on the social level. In former times, on a natural-lawful basis, people have lived in form of families, big families, where all members had their function and their appreciation. In our days, the diabolic spirit came and asked all members to fight each other, meaning the separation of the social unity. Women fighting against men, adults fighting against children, young people fighting against old people, etc. The effect is, that today a lot of people live alone and no one cares for them.

Then we have diabolic forms of community where groups of people separate themselves to misuse the rest. Imagine a flock of sheep where all sheep are one big family. And then maybe a few sheep get crazy and think that they are different than the others. Maybe they are obsessed by the diabolic spirit. These sheep separate themselves from the rest of the flock and they start to enrich themselves on the costs of the other sheep. Maybe they perceive themselves as the chosen sheep while the other sheep are just stupid unworthy animals. While the chosen sheep get fat, the other sheep live in a permanent state of hunger and are easily controlled by the “special” sheep. The chosen sheep have their diabolic, smart intellect which let them develop all kinds of psychological-religious tools to keep the control of the “animal sheep”, to exploit them and to make them do what they wish for.

When you examine our world, then you will find easily those ill groups of sheep, obsessed by the diabolic spirit, living a separate life and making the rest suffer.

When the diabolic spirit brings separation, fights, suffering and endless pain as it is the unnatural state of being, then the spirit of unity brings vitality, peace and harmony.

So indeed, the spiritual principle of love and unity is the remedy to cause real healing in this world.

Maybe the question is left if the ill sheep can find healing respectively receive their lawful punishment for the evil they do.

Time will tell.