Sura Academy – series of teaching videos on Vimeo

Dear spiritual fellows,

I am working now on a series of videos about spiritual topics, exercises, teachings in theory and practice, guided meditations and workshops to offer support on the spiritual path. The videos belong to the Sura Academy for holistic spiritual training. They offer teachings for all spiritual seekers in general and at the same time they will serve to finance the work in the Academy. So when you pay for watching the videos, then you do good deeds by financing the Sura Academy and supporting their members in their training. Indeed the payment is a donation for spiritual purposes and this means also to create good karma.

Certainly, all members of the Academy and all those true seekers who lack of money, can receive an individual discount for watching the teaching videos. You simply have to send an email to me and then I can give you a personal code to pay a reduced price.

Please understand in general that a good funding for the Sura Academy and all our spiritual work is necessary. The better the funding, the better I can offer support, teachings, etc.

The internet creates the illusion that everything is for free or must be for free but as long as we all have to pay our bills in life, we need income.

The first video which I have published on vimeo is called Alice in Wonderland or the spiritual Seeker in the material World. It is a meditative examination of the world we are experiencing. It is an introduction to the situation of a spiritual person, the spiritual path and the Academy.

More videos will follow soon. The next one will deal with the necessary preparations for successful spiritual training, the step 0, before the real training starts.

In light, love and service,

Ray del Sole

Founder of the Sura Academy