Applications of the D-C Formula

Bardon describes the D-C formula as a “mental broom” to clean yourself from negative thoughts. He mentions that this is also possible for the astral plane and the cleaning of negative emotions.

I have made some research on this formula and discovered that it has even more “cleaning power”. In fact, this formula is able to clean organs and body regions of ill energies. Ill energies or very old traumatic energies can be a super challenge for cleaning but the D-C formula works here in an amazing way.

For the practical application, it is useful to focus on the center or Akasha point of an organ or body, etc. and then to fill it completely with the letters in the formula. The bad energies, the blockades are “burned”, dissolved. It is also imaginable to use it in the Eucharist way by charging a glass of water with it.

The microcosm including the aura can be cleaned. Spaces (rooms) can be cleaned. Organs and body parts can be cleaned. Also objects can be purified in this way.

The only problem is here that probably nearly no one is able to use the formula. But I am quite sure that in the future more and more mature souls will undergo the quabbalistic training of Bardon and then this formula will be a great tool for healing purposes.