Correction: Magical Equilibrium, Book Path of the Mystic

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during the compilation process for the publishing a mistake has happened. To avoid misunderstandings, I show here the corrected version from page 296. I apologize for this technical error.

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Question: 3 – Magical Equilibrium

Student: “Seila Orienta said that we need the same amount of negative traits as of the positive ones. Is this true?”

Ray: “Seila Orienta said this: “In order to obtain magical equilibrium (balance), the student’s aim is to have equal numbers of traits, positive and negative, in all four elements. For example, you want 20 positive and 20 negative traits in the fire category and the same number in the remaining three. A ration of 19/20 or 21/19, etc., is pretty close to equilibrium. Most students will find that they have more negative traits than positive ones. In this case, he or she will work on the negative ones to become positive or eliminate them, until the numbers are equal. However, some students will have more positive traits than negative. This situation is equally unproductive in relation to the equilibrium. Being a “saintly” individual will not help on the Hermetic path. For example: A student who has 40 positive traits and 15 negative traits in fire and similar numbers in the other three elements has a problem. The solution may sound counterproductive at first glance, but Hermetics works differently from the common society’s ethical codes and practices. In the case of a positive imbalance, the student must reduce positive traits or add negative ones to balance the numbers. Here the student must use common sense. Obviously, the practitioner will not start snorting cocaine only to add the trait of drug addiction to the negative category. The student will choose a trait that will be helpful in his or her future development. A good example is aggression. In itself a negative trait, but it is necessary to survive.

Ray: “This is typical for those who lack of wisdom, of practice and who have at least a nice tendency to the dark side. In such cases it is not bad to use your own brain and to question such statements. In hermetic literature we find too much of this. I don’t know why people love the abyss. In the following chapter, I explain the roots of this misunderstanding of Seila Orienta.”


Question: 4 – Black and White Soul Mirror Work

Student: “So we have this video  where Martin Faulks speaks about the opportunity of having an equal number of traits for every element. It is not clear to me whether he also refers to having the same number of traits in black mirror and white mirror, however the advice he gives is not written on IIH (unless I failed to see some point).”

Student: “In Memories of Franz Bardon, chapter on Introspection/Self-Knowledge is written: I was ashamed of my many negative attributes, but then the Master explained to me their significance. He said that the deciding factor is not the total amount of negative attributes, but rather it is important that they are properly proportioned within the Elements. Here is an example: 21 attributes belonging to the Fire element, 20 to the Air Element, 19 to the Water Element, and 18 to the Earth element. It would be better yet, if you had the same amount of positive attributes as you have negative attributes.”

Student: “So, at this point I’m very confused. After I made the two mirrors, then partitioned according to Elements and degree of importance, what am I supposed to do?”

Student: “From what I understood from IIH and Rawn Clark’s commentary I’m supposed to eliminate every negative trait, or transform it into a positive one, but this to me seems akin to become a saint, not a magician. And it would take me years. I’m not afraid of spending years on step II, but I’m beginning to suspect that I misinterpreted the work on step II, please, explain.”


Ray: “The elemental equilibrium means in first place the equal development of all four elements in quality (refinement) and quantity (amount of power). Then you have reached the state of perfect balance. Refinement is always positive and only when you are positive you are in control of the Elements. All negative traits like passions, addictions etc. enslave you. With this is already everything explained. The soul mirror work is about the refinement of your soul towards divine nature. Positive means also vital, healthy and freedom. So indeed we become more vital, healthy and free, also more powerful and refined by this process of transformation. It is real alchemy. We transform into gold. This also means that we do not become saints but gods.

Then the source for all the misunderstandings, the comment in Memories of Bardon: The comment is not complete, or not completely translated in the right way. Maybe it is from Hohenstätten. So originally the story was that Dr. M. K. asked Bardon what to do as he was already quite balanced without any real negative traits and no big positive characteristics. He was just normal. In such a case you have not much soul energy which you could invest into your training in form of personal power. The training needs a lot of energy in general.

So the more energy you have the better are your chances to make it. If someone has many negative traits and the will to follow the path, then these negative traits give him much energy for progress and they can be transformed into their positive opposites. So a good level of personal power is given. If someone has a powerful positive nature then he has already naturally all what he need to make it. Then there is the last point. If your traits are well balanced through all elements, then this is much better than if you are only one dimensional developed in one or two elements. Here it does not matter if negative or positive. It is simply much harder to develop single elements in your soul than to just have to transform elements as their energies are already in your soul. It must be clear that we cannot stay normal human beings on this path. We become superhuman beings, god-humans and later real gods.

I guess that Martin points at the balance of qualities but the quantities have to be regarded as well. The number of qualities is relative. Most important in the end is the work with the breathing of the Four Elements for perfect balance. The elemental equilibrium has also the meaning of consciously balancing yourself by the loading of the Four Elements in the corresponding regions of the body; with the Fire Element in the head, Air Element in the chest, water in the belly and earth in the legs. This is used for healing and for restoring balance of mind and soul. This is the point. I hope I was able to explain it well. Today a lot of nonsense is published. These are traps for students which can easily serve the ego and lead to the dark side.