The Celebration of the Divine Sun

Dear fellows, brothers and sisters on the spiritual path,

we experience again like every year the special time where a lot of spiritual light is poured out over us, over mankind and creation. Today we call it Christmas. In former days it had many different names. But names are relative and behind these changing cloths of appearance and tradition there always has been, is and will be the Divine Sun, the Sun of the Cosmic Spirit.

We are born from the sun. We are nourished by the sun. And we will be initiated into our divine nature in the sphere of the sun. The sun is the ONE, the center of creation, of the cosmic order, the center of the macrocosm as well as the center of the microcosm.

It is no wonder at all that most cultures and traditions were worshippers of the sun, the divine sun which is represented by the physical sun in the material world.

Even Christus is a representative of the Divine Sun.

We are all children of the sun.

So let´s open ourselves consciously to the glory of the Divine Sun and let our spirit and soul be enlightened and nourished by the divine power!

I wish you all a happy celebration of the highest light and power, of the ONE!

With love, Ray

PS: The Divine Sun is also the central symbol in our SURA Logo – for good reasons!