Important vitamins for your training

The spiritual training is quite demanding as all exercises cause changes in mind and soul and the energy system in general. This means among many other things that high quality nourishment is very important to provide all necessary vital substances for the change processes in the body.

Additionally today we have to cope with the artificial, unhealthy life style where the natural resources for regeneration are often blocked and in the contrary the consumption of vital energy is much higher. For example we lack of fresh air, fresh vital energy from nature and sunshine. The use of artificial light, of computers, tablets and smartphones is also unhealthy.

This is a complex topic but I only want to point at two things. The vitamin B complex and the vitamin D. The vitamin B complex is very important for your whole nerve system and brain. Most people suffer from a deficiency here as our nerves and brain are permanently overstrained. The training is also demanding for our nerve system. The vitamin D is the so-called sun vitamin as the body creates it by itself if enough sunshine is available. It is indeed the carrier of sun energy and a very important key for health, well-being, the immune system and fighting successfully all kinds of diseases and problems. It brings light into the soul and fights the darkness of depressions, fears, etc. Now think about how much natural sun light you receive every day. Probably not much.

However, I suggest to try both vitamins and to check the results. Try higher dosages then officially recommended. Check the corresponding literature or articles in the internet. It is very possible that you will feel much better and more powerful. This is good for life, business and certainly for your spiritual training.