The good way, the bad way and the way which has been gone

When I examine the happenings in our world and the events of the human history then I often ask myself if some things were really necessary. There has been so much suffering in the human history. And this suffering was in main connected to realize certain ideas of powerful people. In parts these ideas were not bad but the way to implement them was bad, full of violence, destruction, death and suffering.

And this is an interesting phenomenon. People have useful ideas or aims and they have the choice how to realize them, either in a good way or in a destructive, bad way. Unfortunately up to 99% the evil way is chosen, probably because this way is easier and faster while the people in power do not care about their victims. Additionally the evil way might lead to the set aims but the “collateral damage” is so high that the results are not lasting.

According to the laws of creation, the evil guys cannot completely implement the destructive plans as positive forces go against them and people simply don´t like to suffer. So at last the way how things developed is in main a mixture of good and bad with a dominance of the evil.

Somehow it seems that mankind is used to evil happenings and it is too hard to imagine progress or changes in a positive way.

When I was a young boy I had the vision to bring positive progress, to support mankind in its development by teaching the spiritual knowledge, the laws of creation, by showing what is possible if we cooperate instead of fighting each other, if we follow the light of wisdom.

Today I am more realistic and already grateful when I can support those souls which are mature enough to follow the divine light.

Nevertheless it is interesting to examine events and to think about the “why”, the “how”, the results and alternative ways.