The belt of emotions

The term “belt of emotions” origins from the Taoist teachings and fits perfectly to reality. It includes central organs like stomach, liver, kidneys, spline and pancreas. It is directly connected to the solar plexus chakra as the main gate for all emotions and interpersonal relations. And so, it is no wonder that we find here all “lower” human emotions like anger, sadness, depression, etc. but also the joy for life, the interest in the world, the wish to participate and to make experiences. The solar plexus center is connected to the so-called inner child which makes all these emotional experiences, and which connects to other people and beings. This center or aspect of the human personality is the one with the most hurts, pains and problems as we humans enjoy fight and destroying each other. And children are unprotected and get easily hurt. Such hurts can last for a lifetime. So-called adults are also only children in old bodies. For this reason, most adults react and behave like children, and also get easily hurt like them.

We see how important this belt of emotions is and with this how important the treatment of solar plexus together with the organs is for the healing of the soul.

For this reason, I want to emphasize the spiritual healing work on this area. Every healer should organize extra sessions for the treatment of the belt of emotions.