About self-defense

All beings have the natural right to defend themselves against aggressors. And normally all beings are able to do so. But as usual, the human being is the great exception. I don´t want to talk about all the misery of humans today. I just want to point at the fact that most humans cannot defend themselves even against small attacks.

This topic is not about martial arts or something like this but more about a society which keeps its people on the lowest degree of vitality, self-determination, self-responsibility, etc. A very useful comparison is when you think about a wild boar next to a fattening pig from livestock farming. Most people are the second type today. They are far away from the original wild boar in its vitality, instincts and power.

Now, it is the case that we experience a lot of violence today. We have police officers and nice video monitoring but, in most cases, it is much too late for the victim before or if at all someone for rescue arrives. The aggressors are successful and often can escape easily. The victims are dead or injured seriously with long term effects.

Although this is an inacceptable situation, the government says that it is alright, and that self-defense is not good respectively can easily be punished. In conclusion, this means that the victim is the great loser while the aggressor is the overall winner.

Those who are able to use their minds can see that something is not right.

A further point is the handling of weapons. While normal people with peaceful attitude are not allowed to have simple weapons, the bad guys do not care at all and get any kind of weapon they like to use. Again, normal people are the great losers and the criminals are the great winners. A criminal can equip himself with whatever he might need for his crimes while the normal person is doomed to be a victim.

Now, we can ask what is the sense in this? Support and empowerment of criminals and aggressors while keeping normal people weak and in the victim mode?

Regarding the answer, we just need to look at the livestock farming with the fattening pigs. Would you like to have armed pigs in your livestock which could revolt? Probably not. And probably it would be better to lose some pigs because of predators than to keep them vital and powerful.

This is the sad logic behind the attitude of the government and society.

Now let´s imagine you were the leader of wild boars in a forest. One of your most important aims would be to keep your people fit, powerful and ready for self-defense against wolves, etc. And this is also true for human communities. In former times, the leader or king of a community took great care to protect the people and to keep them fit for self-defense.

Now, when we transfer these basic ideas for people today, then it would be normal that all people do self-defense training already at school and that at least simple weapons would be available for everyone, including the training how to use them in an emergency case.

Imagine such a situation where all people are trained in self-defense. What do you think? Would there be anyone who dare to attack someone? Probably not. It would be too dangerous.

Certainly, there would be criminal individuals or aggressive people, but they could be taken under control or in best case treated in a good way for healing or rehabilitation.

In conclusion, it is useful to question ideas of politicians and to open your eyes for what is going on behind the façade. Stay vital, self-determined, powerful and responsible for you and your beloved ones, especially in these times.