The irony of society´s worldview today

Officially, we live in times where people are proud of their high level of education, where modern sciences can explain everything, – from the big bang to the composition of complex molecules. Everything is possible. We can do video calls from USA to Europe. We can fly with airplanes. And we have artificial intelligence in our smartphones to make good pictures. For all questions, we have fitting, scientific answers. We do not need God. We do not need angels. And we do not need a heaven. We are completely satisfied with science and our material world. Religions are an artefact of ancient times, something which is going to become extinct soon. In fact, we are the gods in our world, – omnipotent and omniscient thanks to the internet. And soon the artificial intelligence will take over and regulate life completely. The technological progress is a true blessing, a liberation from the illusions and beliefs of former times. Heaven on earth is nearly realized.

This is the worldview of most of the people. It is the atheistic-materialistic philosophy where the ego can unfold, and everything smells like a new world full of technological wonders. People truly believe that religion is something (silly) from yesterday. Only old-fashioned people still believe in God and still follow religious teachings. The modern human does not need these obsolete things.

While this seems to be logic and clear, the standard of today, the masses do not realize that all members of the elite have invented this atheistic-materialistic propaganda to follow their own religious ideas. This contains a supreme irony. Normal people think that religious people are stupid, while the elite thinks that normal people are stupid because they don´t realize the real nature of the world.

Besides this irony, the problem is that the normal people do not understand the intentions, ideals and actions of the elite, simply because they are all religiously motivated.

Further on, with the loss of religion, people have lost also the core of it, – the natural spirituality. And only spirituality is able to liberate people, so that they can understand their true nature and with this their power and gifts.

It is the same thing, – when you have a king who lost his memory and you tell him that he is a beggar, then the king will live like a beggar without power and without freedom, taking his poverty as normal.

In conclusion, the propaganda for the atheistic-materialistic worldview for the normal people is simply a powerful tool of the elite to keep people in chains, hiding their true, spiritual nature.

By the way, the mainstream esoteric market supports this worldview in a powerful way. Normal people are forced to think that they all have lost their minds and that it is just for making a lot of money with stupid people.

And all this means in the end, that it is absolutely necessary that natural spirituality is integrated again in life, in society, in business and politics. People must learn about their true and higher nature.

Only then freedom and harmony can unfold in life.