Being a politician

Let´s imagine that you are a “typical” politician. You love to talk a lot and you enjoy being emotional in your blazing speeches. You like the fights with the politicians of the other parties. Life feels good. You get a lot of money for your “honorable” job as a politician and you get even more money for all your part-time jobs for companies and all your lobbying work. The life of a very important person in public is great and satisfies your ego. You feel loved, celebrated, worshipped and respected. You can be seen on all these posters, on TV, in the newspapers, – it all celebrates your ego. You feel like a fat parasite, sitting on its big and dull host, – the taxpayers of your country, and why not? Does not everyone look for such a position, such a wonderful life?

The small problem in your life is that you must ignore your conscience, giving a shit on the people which have voted you and serving only the interests of those in true power. But who cares about conscience and the stupid masses? Money makes happy! And people are stupid and so it is right if they are cheated. People have the only purpose in life to obey and to pay taxes. They work, consume and die. No higher sense. Just for exploitation, for feeding the true rules, the kings of this world.

Indeed, it is a kind of love-hate relationship. You love the people for giving you all the money, for celebrating you but at the same time you hate them for their stupidity. They behave like sheep and fattened pigs waiting for the slaughterer.

But your job offers also a lot of fun. The questions how to press out more taxes and how to keep the masses under control, are always present. It is like a game, in parts like chess, but on the other hand quite simple as it is always the same strategy.

The basic problem is that people pay already too much taxes and get nothing of quality in return, simply because you use the taxes for the interests of those in power, and certainly not for the people. Now, if you say “Okay, we need more taxes!” people would start protesting and this is not good. So, the solution is to create fears and serious issues where you can easily convince people to pay, – for their security, for a good purpose, for saving the world, for good deeds, etc. Fears, emotions, basic needs like feeling safe, all these things are a great deal. And as people are stupid, it is no problem to fake issues and threats. People don´t want to think too much on their own and so they prefer to listen and to follow what the leaders say. And then, they are more than willing to pay higher taxes to save the world.

The funniest point is, that not only the normal people and those with diploma and titles from university can be manipulated easily by your faked problems, but many of your colleagues are stupid like hell and believe it too. By the way, – it is great that you do not need to fulfill any requirements of education or character when you want to start your career as a politician.