Sura Academy Workbooks, – the new expanded editions

Dear fellows,

I started writing long ago with the idea to share my insights and experiences with one goal. It has been the wish to save precious time and errors for my brothers and sisters on the path.

In fact, with some good support, you can easily save years in the training and avoid painful mistakes.

So, it was not my original intention to write any books, if at all useful workbooks for the training and the studies of the theory.

As my focus lies in the field of research, especially regarding wisdom and healing, I have written quite a lot, gathering essays for the diversity of topics, simply following my intuition.

As a result, I have published a lot of books and recently I have arranged the contents corresponding to the main topics, all in large workbooks for studies.

These workbooks are meant for all serious students of the holy path, especially for those diligent students in my Sura Academy.

You can find the latest versions here on Lulu: 

All members of my Academy can get a discount as well as all who lack of money.

And all those who have enough money will support me, the Academy and all my work with paying the normal price.

Please understand that even if you pay 1000 € per book or more, it would never pay back all the time and effort which I have invested in my training, my comprehensive education and all what has been needed to publish everything.

As always, in light, love and service,

Ray del Sole