Karma Takeover

Imagine that you are in Africa, facing some hyenas which are busy with their prey. As you look closer, you see that it is a woman, still alive, just fallen. You decide to sacrifice yourself instead of the woman. You are now the prey of the hyenas.

Imagine that there is a vicious dog, playing with your favorite bag. The dog is not willing to give up on its prey.  You are forced to make a deal if you want to rescue your bag. You decide to sacrifice the steak which you just bought from the super market.

These were two examples which illustrate the taking over of karma. It is always a deal. There is a situation with negative forces / beings which have a prey under their control. The victim is supposed to die in the worst case or to be used as a living host for parasites to feed from or to serve the negative beings for their purposes. In the first case it is about “food” which needs to be killed. In the second case it is “living food” which appear as serious diseases. And in the third case it is occupation, control or service for dark beings. The last case can appear as bad fate or demonic possession or incurable disease.

Now it is possible that for people who are in a deep relationship like lovers or family members or friends a “natural” take over of karma happens. “I can´t see you suffering! Let me take your pains!” Such a deep intention can be enough for changing the victim/prey. So, love is one main reason and the other one is guilt from the past (past life) which the other one wants to balance by sacrificing himself. This sacrifice means salvation and forgiveness.

And then we have the spiritual practice of taking over karma from others. It is a conscious way of “paying” for your guilt. In this way you can clear your bad karma account. And this means that you become free for further spiritual development and progress.

Shamans and some Buddhists follow this practice, for example by offering their bodies to “disease parasites /demons” which are busy with a victim and now “jump over” to the volunteer. The original patient can heal now while the Buddhist/Shaman gets all symptoms of the disease and starts to suffer.

The whole topic is not “nice” but it always comes along with hidden reasons, a higher sense.

By the way, you can assume that every serious illness is connected to parasites which feed from the ill person and to negative influences on a higher level – “disease demons”.

Now there might occur the question “Why do not simply kill the parasites?” Like all beings in creation, they have a right to live and a function to fulfill. This means that when a person “allows” them to enter its life and to get active, then they come and follow their nature. A person allows negative beings into its life by bad, self-destructive behavior. If you misuse drugs, alcohol, passions, etc. then you do not need to wonder that corresponding parasites come to you. If you get yourself in dangerous situations with a thread of evil beings, parasites, diseases then it can easily happen that you get them “all inclusive”. When you think that you have to say “Hello” to hungry wolves then they probably perceive you as lunch. In conclusion, to some good degree we have it in our control if we stay healthy or not. The point is also, when the wolves think that you are their lunch then it can be quite hard to convince them from the opposite. Indeed, it means to fight with them. And this means that you should be much more powerful than the wolves. And this could be a real problem. And this is the same thing with parasites or demons. You have to fight with them which can end in a disaster for you. It could be also impossible simply because your patient don´t want to heal / change behavior and so it will permanently be perceived as prey. This is especially true for all kinds of misuse like drug addictions, etc.

In conclusion, the takeover of bad karma has always a hidden sense. It is never “nice” but it can offer salvation and the balancing of the karma account. At last – it is a matter of free will.

Jesus showed us a master piece of karma takeover. There were a few persons with diseases or possessions by evil forces and Jesus managed it to transfer the karma / the evil beings to pigs and then he sent the pigs into water to die there. We can say that this was a lawful way of cheating dark beings. Through their death, the pigs were liberated from the bad karma as this was limited to the present incarnation of the pigs. This was a brilliant chess move by Jesus.

For the magician there are certain ways to make “good deals” or to reduce or dissolve bad karma. A deal consists of giving energy which the dark being expects or needs. It is like presenting a good piece of meat to a vicious dog. The dog will be happy and satisfied. Dissolving bad karma means to dissolve the negative energies which show up as causes and symptoms. In general, the victim needs to go through a process of understanding the lesson, drawing the right conclusions and implementing necessary changes. Otherwise the vicious dogs will come back daily.

These were the main points regarding the take over of bad karma. By the way, even good karma can be offered for others but this is also a questionable technique.