Temptation and destruction

These two topics or aims are the main field of action for the dark forces. It is their profession, their specialty, that what gives them joy and happiness. It is their great passion which gives them sense in life. As a third topic, we could add perversion and further on satisfaction for lower passions and desires. It is the love for chaos, the love for unhealthy excesses.

The destruction of order and life offers always the growing of new orders and new life.

Lower passions, perversion and all the evil offer a contrast to all what is good, high, precious, righteous. This contrast allows to perceive the value of all the good in life and with this to appreciate it.

And temptation is the test of your soul, of your goals and virtues, of your attitude, your skills, powers and personality. Such tests make you stronger and your character stable. Passing tests and temptations mean growing, personal development, setting of self-confidence. The hero needs to pass several tests to unfold his full power and glory.

In conclusion, even in the dark, there is something positive and we need the darkness in the games of life to prove ourselves, to be able to grow in all aspects of our nature.

Now, when we think about our everyday life, we can say that it is not all sunshine and like paradise but that we have daily encounters with other people and situations which tests us. This is simply life and it will be only different when we reached heaven. In conclusion, tests, temptations, negative people and negative situations are normal and a part of life. It is up to us how we manage them.

When we take this as a basis, that the dark side is part of life, then it is obvious that actions of sabotage, tests and temptations plus destructive ideas can be found also in religious teachings, rituals and traditions. Somewhen and somehow, they appeared and were integrated by representatives of the dark side. Even uneducated people can understand that certain teachings are nice and good while other teachings are questionable, destructive and evil. The problem is that the religious followers do not trust in their own evaluation but believe that the evil teaching must be alright because it origins officially from a holy man, from God or from someone with divine authority. Further on, as long as the educated religious leader back the evil teachings, it must be right and good. Unfortunately, the religious leaders do not trust their own evaluation too but just follow the official program. In conclusion, human stupidity is stronger than the natural sense for good and bad. Now, all these shortcomings in the religious teachings with all contradictions and illogicality are again just tests and temptations for the followers to prove their character. This means that the follower is called to perceive them consciously and to get over these evil religious dogmas. This is a major test for sure which most followers do not pass successfully.

It is the big task for mankind to check all their religious teachings and to kick out the evil contents, keeping only the good and divine.

Again, I want to emphasize that we find the dark side everywhere in all aspects of life and we must always be cautious to pass the tests successfully.