About oaths

I want to share a few thoughts about oaths. Oaths have naturally an important meaning. Quite often God is called as a witness or higher masters, brothers, etc. Oaths come along with obligations. And so, it is a very serious thing to take an oath.

From the normal human point of view, an oath is already very serious. But from the hermetic point of view, an oath is even more serious as it has real effects and unseen consequences.

An oath is normally phrased in a way without any details about time and space (situation). For example: “I swear the oath to serve mankind, God and creation!” This phrasing is like making a statement about a fact, a present fact which is undeniable. So, indeed taking an oath is realizing a fact. When we drop time and situation in a phrase then we create a cause on the Akasha plane. This is the most powerful way to bring something into realization. And for this reason, oaths are so powerful and at the same time connected to long term effects/consequences. When you connect the oath furthermore to God and the spiritual hierarchy then it is even more powerful. Besides this, there is also a specific deity in the spheres which controls the keeping of oaths.

In conclusion, this all says that you must be very conscious about the content of your oath as it can bind you over decades and whole incarnations. And it is hard to get out of it.

Even more problematic are oaths which are connected to punishment when you break your oath. Traditionally these are very bad punishments including torture and death in the end. In this regard there is an interesting phenomenon. In former times the punishments were realized by the members of your circle, school or tradition. Today such punishments are against the laws and so they are not realized by members, but they realize to good degrees on the mental and astral plane. This means that the member who broke the oath suffers from mental and astral influences with a strong destructive effect in analogy to the foreseen punishments. In conclusion, you might be not killed by your “brothers”, but you suffer and die by the causes which were set in the unseen worlds.

The golden rule is “Know what you do!”

The positive aspects of oaths on the spiritual path is that they can unfold a wonderful and powerful drive towards your spiritual aims. This means, they can help you in a powerful way to realize mastery and enlightenment. The spiritual worlds will open doors for you, will guide you and will supply all needed powers and situations to let you reach your goals.

However, you should consider deeply what contents you choose for your oath. Also obviously positive oaths can easily cause great problems in your life. It takes a great degree of wisdom and the knowledge of the laws of creation to give a useful phrasing to oaths.