Pain and you

Let´s imagine that something bad happens and you are suddenly in a state of pain, of suffering. “Oh, I can´t take this pain. It is too much. There is nothing more than pain. Lord help me! I am dying!” and so on. I have put it a little bit theatrical. The point is simply that we are full of pain, occupied by suffering without any clear thinking or something else to focus on.

The problem is that we do not differentiate between you, the self and the thing or energy which causes pain. We have unfortunately the tendency to identify with the pain and this is not good and not useful. It is a lacking comprehending our real nature.

“Pain” is something which can be switched on and off easily and instantly from one moment to the other. For example, imagine a young child wanting some ice cream. Let´s imagine that ice cream is not instantly available. The child experiences the doom of the world. Life has lost meaning. Total devastation. Then you find someone who sells ice cream. The child is instantly happy and the doom of the world with all suffering and pain is also instantly forgotten.

Another example. You must use the toilet for hours already but there is no toilet available. Your pain and despair are incredible. Then you find a toilette and the world is wonderful. From one moment to the next moment everything changes completely.

These examples might be funny but it is like this. Now the point is to do not identify with the pain and to become aware that you are an immortal spirit and that your system, your energy body, your soul is temporarily influenced in a negative way, that there is an imbalance. Your spirit can stay untouched, on distance to the pain. This offers the opportunity to look for a way to release the pain, to restore the balance. It offers also the possibility to question if it makes sense to feel devastated at all. “Do I need to suffer when I don´t get my ice cream? Do I need to make myself, my mood dependent from outer happenings?”

In conclusion, pains, suffering are something which we can learn to control to some degree. The keys are healthy detachment from events, a deeper understanding of life and yourself, and the enthroning of your spirit as the original ruler of your microcosm.

When we go on distance to suffering, we can get into control of it and stop it by finding solutions. Something to think about.