Capitalism, Socialism, Communism…

It seems that we have the choice how we want to manage society and life. It is like doing experiments with society on a large scale. While some countries try capitalism, others try communism, etc.

Fascinating is that independent from the chosen experiment, all have similar effects, similar structures and the same root. The power in society is kept by a small elite which certainly controls everything and which keeps the wealth while normal people must work hard and have no power. And the root lies in the principle of separation which is diabolic. This is true even for communism where all are officially equal but the “management” is simply the elite.

In fact, these “different” ideas of how to create and to rule a society are just a matter of answering the question “How to keep control, wealth and power for the chosen elite.” There is no other reason, no other sense. It is as simple as it is and the elite just examines how people react and which measures of manipulation work out. It is a scientific experiment with people as lab rats. The same is certainly true for dictatorships.

In former times all these ideas were unknown, simply because they are all artificial and far away from reality, from creation with its laws. In these times certainly a kind of elite with leaders have existed already but the elite was a part of the people. The principle of unity was in charge and highly respected. And this simple fact was the key for “happiness”.

To make it clear: There are only two basic options for society. The first one is to follow the natural and lawful principle of unity where the elite and the normal people cooperate and care for each other. And the second one is the diabolic principle of separation where the elite cares only for itself and lives like a parasite from the exploited, manipulated and cheated normal people.

Let´s return to the principle of unity. Here the elite understands itself as leaders with great responsibility for the prosperity of their people. It is a great honor to serve and a duty to do the best for the people´s wellbeing in all aspects. And due to this great attitude of the elite, the normal people are willing to support them in all tasks. This is truly a happy situation. And we can see this principle at work worldwide in former times. It was naturally connected to councils of wise men and to kings and queens.

As the principle of unity might be a little bit abstract, I want to put it into a simple idea. Let´s call it the “family principle”. Imagine a family as the smallest expression of society. A family consisting of a father, a mother and several children. And let´s imagine that it is a family from the “good old times” with good mental health and naturally-positive and loving attitude. Here the principle of unity is the normal case as all members of the family are connected by love and similar nature. They also share the same identity. Now, for every member it is important that everyone in the family is in good health, happy, successful, etc. So everyone takes care of each other. The children are not as mature as their parents and so the parents take care of them. The parents are the wise leaders, the elite, those with power and money. And the children are dependent on the parents. Now, if anyone has a problem, all members are ready to help. And if there is a task to fulfill then all members are ready to realize it. And no one would have the idea to exploit or cheat someone. The negative principle is switched off here while the positive principle is in charge. And so everyone in the family can prosper, respectively they prosper together. And, as everyone has best intentions, personal development and freedom are natural parts of the family principle. (Today we suffer from the careless type of personal freedom which is a matter of the diabolic separation. This selfish type does not work in society but ruins it.)

I think that most people are able to comprehend the family principle and its advantages in comparison to society today.

In conclusion, if we as mankind do not return to the family principle, we will be doomed and end up as degenerated slaves of a diabolic elite.