Walking away

For all human conflicts it takes two parties with different interests and perceptions of reality. Normally humans are conditioned to fight with each other, so that one party wins and gets into control of the other one and with this over the whole situation. In general, the one with more power wins. Winning is not a matter of wisdom, ideals, beauty, being right, etc. It is just a matter of power (and aggression). It is also common that those with a bad character and bad behavior win over the ones who are refined, smarter and wiser. Good souls are too good to be bad. They are too good to expect evil behavior and actions. They are too good to handle the evil. And the evil does not care about anything and with this it is free to be cruel without any limits.

Here we see how important it is for good souls to study the dark side, how the evil operates, which psychological techniques are used and how their minds work. And second, – we see how important it is to go beyond “being a good soul” and becoming a “righteous soul” which takes care for law and order.

Besides these things, a key point is to understand that the evil needs you to play the role of the opponent or victim to be able to take evil action. So you must play your part, – the victim role, otherwise it won´t work. Now you can refuse to play the victim and you can call on justice and punish the evil. Optional you can simply withdraw yourself and walk away.

Walking away is one technique to deal with evil people, also with stupid people which need to learn a lesson. It is a peaceful method, not taking much effort.

When we think about toxic relationships, then simply walking away is a nice measure. We simply do not need to fight for everything. We do not need to take part in such games. We can leave.

Now, when I think about the suppressed women in certain religions or cultures, then I imagine how it would be if they simply decide to leave. Imagine a village and imagine that all women in this village agree upon to leave their husbands, families, etc. all at once for a certain period of time to show men how important they are and how much they will be missed. Imagine that each woman leaves a note at home, saying “I will only come back when you respect me with equal rights. I love you but the suppression of the women must end.” Now imagine that you are a man, a husband and father, and suddenly your wife is gone, all wives are gone. There is a major gap in life. You perceive now how much you miss your wife, that life without women is impossible. And in best case you start thinking if the treatment of your women in society has been good and right so far. And maybe you come to the conclusion that you want the women back in your village and that it its good to show more respect.

It is interesting that quite often the men in such societies where in women are suppressed are in fact “mummy´s boys” with low self-esteem and quite emotional in nature. So the dominance is quite artificial and not real. The women are in fact stronger and probably men fear them. However, it is an unhealthy imbalance.

At last, the conflict you might experience has a message and a lesson for you. Independent how you react, you need to learn it as otherwise you will enter a similar situation again. However, just be aware that you can walk away. There is no need to fight or to suffer.