Divine Guidance

We human beings are very limited in everything, especially in understanding ourselves, others, life itself and the path which we take.  This general lack of understanding includes also the problem of making good decisions. Which decisions are appropriate in certain situations? What will be the consequences? What makes sense in the end? And so on.

Normally we are learning by trial and error, by making good and bad experiences. This is the hard way.

It is nice when you can ask a wise person with lots of experiences. This brings a great relief.  In former times, there were wise people who were consulted for different questions.

Besides trial and error and consulting wise people, we can also ask for divine guidance. God is all-knowing, wise and foreseeing and has “best intentions”.

In a mystical meditation you can pray to God and gratefully ask for the activation, strengthening and refinement of your ability to receive divine guidance, divine intuition and divine inspiration for all your questions and in all your situations of life. Here it is like opening yourself to the sun, to the rising sun, sitting in nature, feeling the sunshine on your skin, embracing the enlightenment in humbleness and joy. You open up like a flower with your heart, your mind, your whole being.

It makes sense to do such meditations on a regular basis, maybe every Sunday. This training will help you to perceive the divine will, the light which guides you through the darkness, the light which shows you the way. You will see and hear and understand with your higher senses. By time it will become clearer and better and easier to understand and to follow.

Let the Light be your Guide! There is no need to suffer by trial and error.