The human creator

The central mystery of creation is the celebration of love. Love is the great happening where the two main poles, – the female and male principles unite, become one and create new life. All life origins from the state of unity, becomes male and female in expression and then unites again to create more life. It is the wonder which is celebrated everywhere and from all beings on all planes.

Besides this central mystery of creation, there is the great mystery of the human being. It is the mystery of being a creator. The human being is a child, an image of the Great Spirit, God, the Creator. Humans are “little spirits”, little creators but with the same, more or less sleeping potential which is inherited from the Divine Spirit.

This special heritage offers most amazing possibilities but also causes all human problems. And with this, it is the key to understand the human drama.

The big problem is that humans are not aware of their abilities and powers to create reality on more than the material plane. It is this unawareness about the real nature of the human being plus the permanent, uncontrolled creation of all kinds of things and beings which cause in the end human fate, accumulated karma. Humans are in main simply immature, unaware, causing chaos without any control, without understanding, messing up things. We could say in a nice way that humans behave like little children, playing with all the things they can find at home, causing a big mess, destroying the order, destroying all kinds of stuff and then waiting for the parents to return and clean up everything.

Concrete, this means that humans create all kinds of thoughts and emotions, also own mental and astral children, and further on own realities, own worlds. When they are of good nature, they have positive, liberating effects. But when they are of bad nature, then they work like parasites, like hell for their creators. They imprison them and cause self-destruction. The mature, conscious creator knows about these things and creates only positive things and beings for the benefit of himself and creation. Unfortunately, most humans are immature and are not aware what they create and that they are real creators of their own living conditions.

The main point for a better understanding is that thoughts and emotions have an energy nature with a certain degree of intelligence and the natural tendency to realize. In creation everything is driven by intelligence and everything is alive in some way.

When the immature human soul becomes mature by countless incarnations then it can become a conscious creator like the Great Spirit, the Divine Creator and then the human soul can create paradise on earth. Then nothing is impossible, and all wonders of creation can be realized.

Practically speaking, we all just need to become more and more aware of what we think, feel and do. We need to make conscious decisions of what we want to create, – something positive and beneficial or something negative with self-destructive effects. The more conscious we become as creators, the more beauty we can bring into realization, into this world. Beauty, healing, benefits and prosperity for all beings, remembering the original unity we all come from. And then we take the right position in creation, becoming conscious co-creators, doing our part for the greater benefit of all beings.

And then the human drama can stop.