Stored emotions

As human beings we are composed of spirit, soul and physical body, expressing the four elements on all three planes. We have “content” and structure, quality and substance as well on all three planes. Now, the point is that normally we are not aware of these things and see only certain emotions or certain ideas or certain problems of the body. But in fact, all are connected.

For example, you often feel anger, you get aggressive, you feel hate and you wonder why and how, etc. And as you are on the spiritual path you want to refine yourself, feeling the inner peace and showing understanding and compassion instead of anger. Now, you anger has a mental reality. It has an astral-emotional reality and it has a physical reality.  And so it is not enough to just focus on feeling peaceful or suppressing your anger. But indeed, you must work on all three planes. Here is the biggest challenge to cope with the densest manifestation of your anger, the anger structures and energies in your liver and gall bladder. They are the anchor of your anger emotions. And this means, when you are able to clean your liver from these structures, gallstones, etc. then you liberate yourself from the anchors of the anger emotions and this will make you feel automatically more peaceful, happier and it will empower you to change your behavior. In a second step, it is not only about cleaning the physical organ but also about vitalizing and strengthening it, so that it can manage better stress, problems, negative feelings. Two very important aspects. Now, when your liver is clean and vital then this is the basis for your refinement work of soul and spirit. This is also important to understand. It is like a pyramid, the basis is the body, then the soul and at the top is the spirit.

This was one example. In general, we have the situation that all organs are connected to specific negative emotions and positive feelings. And this means that we need to take care of these organs basically to maintain not only a good health but a good state of the soul and the spirit, especially for the purpose of spiritual refinement.

For example, you may wonder about sadness, distress, exhaustion, feeling dead and powerless then your kidneys suffer and need a good treatment.

Or many people get problems with the stomach or the bowel regarding digestion when they feel emotionally upset. Or if you suffer in relationships, missing someone, having problems with love then your heart suffers. Or you have lost the joy of life, the easiness of life, the space to breathe, then your lungs suffer. And so on.

In conclusion, it is absolutely necessary to take conscious care of your physical organs, to keep them clean, to vitalize them and to support them in their function. And on this basis, you will enjoy a vital and healthy state of your soul, your feelings and your spirit, your thoughts. It is all a matter of the law of analogy.

Practically, this means, that it is highly recommendable to make treatments especially for kidneys, liver and digestion, – intestinal flora. Fortunately, there are good products on the market, mixtures of herbs as kidney tea, remedies for liver and gall, and special products with gut bacteria to support a vital flora for perfect supply of vital substances for your body. And it is always about cleaning, vitalizing, strengthening and healing.

Everyone should do such treatments to survive better the stress and challenges of today. And especially the student on the path who wants to make progress should use such treatments from time to time.

And I repeat it again – in a first major step we need to release the physical anchors of all bad emotions and pains, and only then we can achieve lasting progress on the level of soul and spirit. Our whole energy system must be liberated from blocking substances and bad energies and only then we enjoy a vital flow of energy, a perfect health and happiness of mind and soul.