Creating the human tree

Imagine a tree. The tree has roots in the ground to nourish it with water and vital substances from the earth. And the tree has a crown with branches and leaves in the sky. The leaves nourish the tree with light and sugar as energy. The tree is connected to both poles, sky and earth, and with this it is vital and alive.

When you imagine a human being, standing on the ground, then we have the same situation, head in the sky, feet rooted in the earth, connecting both poles of nature, creating a vital flow of energies in the body.

In conclusion, we can compare and understand the human being as a “system” similar to a tree.

Important is the polarity, – earth as the negative, magnetic pole and the sky as the positive, electric pole and the human or tree as the connecting, interacting being. And life happens between these poles, the circulation or flow of vital energy and substances. Both poles have nourishing effects. It is indeed simply physics or metaphysics.

Now, this polarity has many different “faces” or analogue appearances. One corresponding polarity is the pole of Akasha and the pole of creation. Another polarity is content and expression. Or quality and quantity. Or hidden and visible.

The main topic for all of them is to have a pool of ideas, of vital substances and to bring them in a vital process into life, to express and unfold them, to materialize them. The tree takes the vital substances from the earth and the energy from the sky to unfold itself, to grow, to exist. And the human being works on the energetic level in a similar way.

When we take this as a basis, we can make conscious use of these natural principles for the spiritual development. We can create ourselves as “human trees”.

For the practice, we need to ask ourselves the following questions:

  1. What is nourishing me from the negative pole, the female, magnetic, earthy pole? What is the best food for my mind, soul and body?
  2. What is nourishing me from the positive pole, the sky, the male, electric pole, the spirit? What is the best food for my mind, soul and body?
  3. And how do I see myself expressing these things in my personality in life? What is the best version of me, mentally, as a soul in a body?

Before you start answering these questions, I need to explain the process which is used to make them work. We will use the qualities and ideas connected to the earthy, negative pole in a vitalizing, empowering way. This means that it will be like putting fertilizer to the roots of the tree, so that the tree will become powerful, wonderful and vital. In contrast to the negative pole and its use, we will use the positive pole as a fine source to feed especially the mind with a higher sense in life, with ideals, with values which give clear orientation for behavior, with aims, etc. So indeed, we have the earth pole for vital substances and we have the sky pole for the fine essence, the light, the enlightening. Now, both poles cooperate perfectly and express themselves in your personality, your whole being on all three planes, the best version of yourself.

For example, you will answer the first question with qualities like this: Love will nourish me, stability, strength, vitality, being grounded, abundance, balance, diligence, etc., maybe more or less all the good qualities of the four elements.

The second question will be answered with higher human and divine virtues, like divine wisdom will guide me, unity, compassion, the power to reach all aims, etc., again corresponding to the four elements – virtues, ideals, aims in life.

And the third question will be answered at last. Here you think about how your best version looks like in life, how you appear, how you behave, what you are doing. So maybe you see yourself as a man of compassion, of justice, of authority, as an expert in your field, doing good deeds, accomplishing a personal mission for the benefit of all, a loving husband, a good father, etc.

Just make lists with the most important qualities and insights for all three questions.

In the next step, you take a large paper where you draw yourself as a powerful, wonderful tree in a more or less abstract way with sky, earth and maybe a sun. Write your name on the trunk of the tree. Draw the roots and the crown. And now add the qualities of the first question to the roots, of the second question to the crown and of the third question around the trunk. Simply write them there. In the end you see yourself as a tree. The roots nourish you with the qualities around them. The crown nourishes you with the corresponding virtues, aims, etc. and you as a tree express your best version with the words around your trunk.

You have drawn yourself, the best version of yourself. You have created yourself.

And now we add the magic. In fact, it is not only a drawing which you have made. You have connected all these ideas to yourself on the Akasha/mental plane and thanks to the natural vital circulation of energies the nourishment will really happen on an energetic level. To strengthen this, you should meditate about these ideas. “I am this tree with my strong roots in the ground and my wonderful crown in the sky. I can feel all these positive qualities in the ground, these vital substances which my roots are absorbing and supplying to my personality, my nature. I can feel the love, the power, the vitality, all these wonderful flowing from my roots into my being, enhancing my being, empowering myself, healing myself. And I can feel the wonderful, enlightening ideals which are the guiding light, the sunshine in my life, the energy for my mind. I can feel the divine compassion influencing me, the divine wisdom helping me making the right decision, etc. It is my crown, my divine crown. And I can feel how all these nourishing influences from my roots and my crown realize in my attitude, in my personality, in my behavior, in all I do. And I can feel that from day today I integrate and unfold more and more all of these positive aspects of my nature to become the best version of myself!”

Certainly, it makes sense to repeat this meditation from time to time and to really feel yourself as this human tree absorbing all the empowering, vitalizing energies from the earth and the ideals from the sky. You are this tree and this tree is alive by the vital flow of energies between the two poles of nature. And put this drawing at the wall, on your altar, hidden from the eyes of others. Feed this drawing with imagination, with meditation, with simply enjoying the great picture of yourself.

At last I want to point at the possibility to put a focus on specific qualities or powers which you need in your present situation, maybe for healing, maybe for empowerment, maybe for guidance or whatever. You can focus on specific qualities to help yourself.

And maybe, one day you have the impression that the tree has changed, has grown or became more beautiful. Then simply add the changes or eventually draw a new picture.

And if you like, you can prepare the paper with a fluid condenser to help the realization of these ideas.

To some degrees, you could use this technique also for other persons to help them heal or grow. Here the person can or should make the drawing or eventually you do it. In contrast to your own tree, you just add qualities which are necessary for healing and positive changes, but you do not work on the level of perfection. We are not allowed to cause such things for others. But as a spiritual healer or coach you can use this technique as a part of the treatment.