The diabolic downwards spiral

It is a natural and automatic principle in creation that everything starts with an idea, then becomes a complex of thoughts which gets wrapped in feelings which lead to corresponding behavior and the analogue situations to realize in the end in the material world. It is the principle of realization.

This works for positive and negative ideas. An idea has to go through all planes, starting from the highest and finest, going down, becoming denser, more complex until it materializes completely.

Now I want to point at the problem and the misuse of this natural principle. Imagine that you have an argumentation with a friend, partner or simply someone else. In first place it simply means that you have a different perception, understanding and opinion of a certain topic than the other person. At this point you can talk about these differences and you both can evaluate them to reach a better understanding together and to see where you both might be right or wrong. In best case you will find a solution or consensus with the help of your intellect and on the basis of communication. You both are still on the mental-intellectual plane.

Now, if this does not work out, you both easily will leave this plane and go one level down on the astral plane of emotions. Here the topic is no longer interesting and it is also no longer the aim to understand things better. Now it is all about the ego, who is stronger, who is better, who is wrong and stupid, etc. Ego fighting. It is the pure emotional level. The intellect is no longer in control. When the emotions get even stronger, the spiral will reach its last level, the physical plane where both get into action, showing a certain behavior, probably fighting with each other. When you have reached this level then the intellect and feelings do not really play any role any more but it is pure action, fight, kill, escape, survive mode.

In conclusion, we can see how easily we lose control and how bad things can end. We can experience this downwards spiral in relationships, in families but also in society, in wars.

The point here is to understand this principle and to do not leave the mental plane but to keep control of the situation and to find positive solutions. This prevents damage. Emotional wounds of the soul and physical damage of the body. Already mental damage is very bad and hard to heal.

These processes of argumentation, of fighting are already bad enough, already too destructive, especially when it is about people you love, your family, your partner, etc.

The really big problem is that this process, this downwards spiral is consciously used as a tool of manipulation, mass manipulation. Those who are in power present a topic in public in such a way that the intellect is ignored and that the emotions, the emotional reaction is addressed directly and this in a way that supports the intentions of those in power. So it is easy to awake fears, aggressions and hate in people and make them do what you want them to do. And normally this leads to really bad actions in society, to war against specific people, groups, targets, and to war against other countries, religions, etc.

This mass manipulation is working in a most effective way and it has always been to number one tool to achieve big aims concerning whole societies or countries.

The wise man knows these things and questions all attempts of manipulation. The wise man stays centered and in control, not giving in in emotions and fights. The spirit rules!