About Motivation

Basically, we can differentiate between an external and internal motivation. In the external motivation someone else is motivating you or the situation you are experiencing is motivating you to do something or to behave in a certain way. External motivation is often a “must” – we are forced to do something because other people expect it from us. Being forced is the opposite to free will.

Internal motivation comes from within and follows a higher sense or ideal. We know that something is good and important and so we work for it even if it takes suffering or much effort. Internal motivation with target-orientation is positive and in fact the only real motivation. Forcing someone can work only temporarily.

Then we have “motivation trainer”. First of all, if life is good and natural, there is no need for any motivation trainer as everything is in the flow. And here we see already the problem. Motivation trainer exist only because of the overwhelming problems we face in life, especially with the business-financial situation. People are forced to work in a way which causes frustration, depressions, exhaustion, sadness, anger, hate. People are exploited as human resources. Now, the boss of a company needs to motivate his workers to accomplish the set aims or results. And so, he asks a motivation trainer to do this. And the motivation trainer tells the workers that life is great and that they can push their own performance to higher levels. And for 1-2 days the workers believe it, feel great until the depressions come back. It is the external way of trying to motivate slaves in a master-slave-system of exploitation. And this does not work. Even the incentives of more money, more power do only work in short terms. A slave can climb the ladder to become a more powerful slave but he cannot change his status.

And then we have other “motivation trainer”. Their message is to leave the slavery system, to find an inner motivation, real sense and real goals in life and to use the existing system to become free, wealthy and to use this freedom and this money for doing good deeds.

It is all about freedom, personal freedom, financial freedom and then about serving mankind and creation by beneficial projects.

Life cannot be about making career as a slave in a slavery system.