About the magical diary

The magical diary has a few different functions. You note down your training schedule and the results of your exercises as well as you practice introspection, how you behave and if you make progress in your refinement. The magical diary serves also as a book where you note down your experiments and magical operations.

As these are quite different topics, it makes sense to use three books instead of one. One book for the training. One for magical operations and one for introspection.

Bardon is quite strict and says that we should note down every mistake, even the smallest and work hard on the character refinement. Certainly, when you are too generous with your own mistakes then it is hard to make any progress. A strict handling is useful. Bardon certainly also says that we should note down our successes. It is the realistic approach for the refinement work.

I want to add some thoughts to this topic.

In general, we have two forces in life which push our progress. The negative force can be symbolized by a dark demon, chasing you with his trident, causing fears and pain in you which makes you run faster. The positive force can be symbolized by an angel blessing you and showing you great visions of what you can accomplish. The angel has a pulling forward effect on you. You want to enter paradise and so you move forward. Now, in life both forces are very active, the negative force even more and so you keep running to avoid pain and suffering with the hope of a better future.

Unfortunately, people are often quite lazy and not willing to move. Even if an angel appears and shows a great vision of paradise, people might think that it is nice but do not feel the motivation to get up and work for it. And so the negative force needs to come into action to push the lazy ones for progress. Only strong people run towards paradise by their own will.

However, the point is just to see that the focus on your mistakes can unfold a motivation for progress but still is negative, destructive. It does not make you happy, but maybe sad or angry. On the other hand, when you check your success daily, then this unfolds a great power, a positive motivation for growing, for further positive changes.

Here is the point that society has conditioned us on negative thinking, problem-orientation. This means, we are often absolutely not aware of all the positive things we accomplish every day. We do not see our success. And so we keep stuck in a negative attitude which takes energy instead of feeding us.

All in all it means that it is empowering you, nourishing you, when you take consciously a focus on all your successes daily. So ask yourself what have you managed successfully today? Where have you been strong? What extra performance have you shown? Whom did you help? What was good? And by doing so, you get a positive understanding of what you actually do daily and who you really are.

It is quite often the case that there are heavy burdens, ugly duties, a lot of problems and stress are managed somehow by everyone each day. Here we see only the high pile of crap but we do not see that we manage it successfully, we do not see how strong and great we are by dealing with it. And this is the point. Become aware of how great you really are! And when you do this, you empower yourself for progress, for positive changes, for going beyond your normal limitations.

Become powerful, maintain a positive attitude and grow!

And if you like you can make an own success diary which you can read to inspire yourself about all the good you do, all the goals you have achieved already.