The Pathfinder

Imagine that you are in a foreign country and you have no idea where you are. You do not know this country. But somehow you have the idea, the intention to get to a special place which offers special experiences and other advantages.

Now you have three options.

The first option is to start your journey to this special place by moving in this and then into that direction, asking people where to go, trying this and that, walking in circles sometimes, moving forward and back and maybe or hopefully you reach in the end your destination. This option takes a lot of time, effort, motivation and self-confidence. It is full of challenges and risks. There is no guarantee that you find the way to your aim. Remember here the adventurer who went without knowledge and preparation into the jungle of South America to discover ancient cities full of gold and treasures. Most of them simply died early because of the unknown dangers of the jungle.

The second option is that you look for someone who knows the country, the culture, the people, the dangers and challenges, and who can give you the necessary information, also the tools which you need for a successful trip to reach your destination. Here you get more or less all you need but still you are completely self-responsible, self-reliable. The journey is not easy, still filled with risks, dangers and challenges but you have better chances to make it. This option would correspond to the adventurer who has a map and good information about the dangers of the jungle plus tools to manage the problems.

The third option is that you find someone who has been in this special place where you want to go. This person knows exactly how to get there, how to reach your goal. And in best case, this person does not only offer all information and tools but also accompanies you to your destination. So, indeed, we have here the best option of all three with highest degree of security, lowest risks of failure, with a permanent guide at your side for all eventualities and best conditions for efficiency, effort, etc. Here the adventurer has a pathfinder, a guide who has visited already the ancient city and exactly knows the right way to get there again and to avoid the dangers.

In conclusion, it is important to understand that you always have these three options in life when you are going to explore unknown territory. The unknown territory is not the jungle but the jungle is a fitting symbol for it. The unknown territory is everywhere, where we start something new in life, where we make a new step or the next step, where we leave the present track to look for something new.

The problem is that we are not aware of the options we have. We simply choose the first option, the hard way which takes so much effort and pain instead of simply finding a guide, a pathfinder for a safe and easy travel. Choosing the first option like everyone does, is not smart in anyway. It is luxury in fact.

When we translate these three options into our days, then in the first one you simply do everything on your own without any help. In the second one you have a coach, an adviser who gives you the tools to make it on your own. And in the third option, you have a real mentor, a true guide who walks the path with you.

When you are smart, you look for a guide, a mentor to take you by the hand for a safe and easier journey, avoiding dangers, risks, mistakes and reaching your aims in the most efficient way.

Those people in life which are very successful, often very young and successful, they all have mentors who guide them. These mentors have a big amount of experiences and a deep understanding of the path. They help you to do not make all the mistakes they have made and this saves a lot of time, suffering, money, effort, etc.

In conclusion, the key or difference between you and the mentor is simply the amount of experiences. The mentor is already where you want to be and so he can guide you well. Even when you are super smart, super diligent, super motivated, super gifted, – it all means nothing in comparison to the high experience level, the key knowledge of the mentor.

In conclusion, when you walk the spiritual path including mastery of life then you need to be smart as time is super precious. So choose for all fields guides or mentors to push your progress perfectly. Life is a jungle and we need guides with a map. Always learn from those who are more experienced than you. And ignore those who have less experiences, providing only opinions, fears, doubts, etc. Learn always from the best.