Being “not completely” incarnated

In the material world, we are incarnated, – living in a material body. The physical body is the house of mind and soul, the temple of the spirit when you undergo a spiritual development.

Now there is the idea or perception that not all souls are completely incarnated. And this puts the question what this means.

Imagine someone wants to take a bath, maybe in the ocean. He can touch the water with his feet. He can walk into the water until the water reaches his belly. He can go further into the water until it reaches his breast. In all cases, he is in touch with the water but he is not completely in the water, not completely surrounded by water. Only when he gets down with his full body to dive in the water, he is completely surrounded by the ocean, only then he is really in the realms of the ocean.

This is a picture is analogue to the problem of being “not completely” incarnated. Here the person is not completely in the material world.

How can this happen? The spirit-soul-complex needs a physical body to take part in the material world. Now it can be the case that the connection between the upper part, – mind-soul – has a dysfunction or is loose or somehow partially interrupted. This can be a matter of a mental disorder respectively it can appear as a mental disorder. It can be also a matter of a physical disease or of a physical damage of the body. Or it is a matter of the misuse of drugs. In conclusion, we have here the case of a dysfunction, a disconnection. This can be permanent or temporary. There are some wellknown diseases where people are in their body but the complex of mind-soul-body does not work. So maybe they lack of being able to express emotions or their mind is not connected or the memory is not connected, etc. And in the case of drugs abuse, the perception of the higher realms is activated and the gates are opened so that the mind activity is switched and disconnected from the material world to the higher realms.

Besides these cases of disorder and illness, there are a lot of people who lack of interest in the material world or who fear the material world or who simply enjoy the higher realms more. In consequence, they simply shift their main activities to the higher realms by dreaming, thinking, by “being somewhere else” but not right here and right now in the material world, in the present situation. And when you are not here then you cannot manage your present problems, challenges, you cannot work on your progress, you cannot make any useful experiences in the material world, etc. You are just a dreamer, lost in the higher realms, wasting your precious time, withdrawing yourself from the challenges in this world, making no progress.

We can say that these people need a better grounding, more earth element, that they are too airy, too fly, too high in the sky. The power of the earth element has the ability to bring you down on earth. It is strengthening the bonds between the upper complex of mind and soul with the material body, the astral matrix is strengthened.

And only when your matrix is strong, you are completely right here and right now, facing your present situation to manage your challenges and to enjoy your life in the material world to a maximum.

Why do people prefer to be more or less disconnected to the material plane? Imagine that you have been on holidays for a long time and that these holidays were like paradise for you. Now something stupid has happened – your holidays are finished – and you are sitting again at work, facing all the problems, difficulties, all the stuff you do not really enjoy. And what do you do? Shifting your mind and feelings back to the holidays while ignoring the undesired tasks of the job.

Before we incarnate, we are on holidays in the higher realms. Incarnation means getting back to the job and this is simply a drastic change of your situation.

However, it does not help to withdraw yourself. The solution must be to create a desirable life style in the material world, so that you feel well and that you make progress.

The wise men of India would say that some souls are so sattva in their nature that they are more in the spiritual realms than down on earth. Sattva is the state of balance, of the air element, light, hovering over all the happenings and problems of the material plane. In best case, the enlightened one is meant who has realized heaven on earth. But life in the material world is focused on the state of rajas, – action, dynamic development, work, being busy, making progress, the play and interaction of polarity, of fire and water. So in the end it is not really good to “make holidays” at work. Better work in the office, the material world and make holidays afterwards, at the beach of heaven.

The practical key is simple: Ground yourself by working with the earth element and by physical training, in best case a kind of sports where you need to be focused in the present moment. Also manage your fears and doubts regarding life on earth. And at last, set yourself smart and useful aims in life which gives you motivation to take action in the material world.

As a last point regarding this topic: When people get older, then their astral matrix gets loose until it breaks. This is called death. The point here is that the more loose the astral bonds become, the more all the activities of mind and soul are shifted to the experience of the higher realms. This is good and lawful and a positive preparation to leave the material plane. For normal family members this is irritating as the old people talk about their experiences in the higher realms which sounds as that they get crazy – meeting deceased family members and friends, etc.