Removing the spiritual core

Imagine a religious movement with a spiritual core. One day the leaders decide to cut out the spiritual core, to banish it and to focus only on the religious tradition. Imagine that the followers and defenders of this spiritual core are now called infidels and are haunted and threatened with death.

Amazing idea, isn´t it?!

Unfortunately this has happened not only one time in history.

One nice example are the Christians who had once integrated the idea of reincarnation plus the idea of the divine core in all humans which can be unfolded. But one day in their history the worldly leaders decided to banish these high spiritual ideas. Now they are called gnostic and belong to secret, inner or esoteric teachings inside of the Christian belief.

The problem is quite simple and very trivial. It is all about power and control. If you believe in reincarnation and in the divine self inside of you which can be unfolded, then you are free and not threatened by hell and you don´t need a hierarchy of priests who control you. And as freedom is not useful for worldly leaders, such teachings had to be banish.

Similar fates can be found in other religions too. The cored religions are in power while the true spiritual minorities are in best case tolerated or haunted. And the majority of believers think that this is good as being limited in their freedom and being controlled by the religious leaders is the accepted standard.

Comparing these younger religions with the old ones where all these “secret” things have always been simply normal, where the spiritual core was always active and vital, it is amazing how people can degenerate in their understanding of themselves, God and creation.

It would be great and it is necessary to integrate again the true spiritual core into the religions to give them real life. Otherwise they degenerate further on until they vanish.